27 May 2022

What Leaders Need To Know About Blockchain

If you’re anywhere near the tech or financial space, you’ve likely been hearing terms like DeFi, blockchain, and smart contracts more and more frequently. Ever since cryptocurrencies and other decentralized technologies came on the scene, they’ve been the subject of much speculation and debate among engineers and business leaders. Some tech

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06 Apr 2022

Supply Chain Crisis Worsens As Russia’s War Against Ukraine Continues

As Russia’s war against Ukraine escalates and sanctions by the U.S. and other countries intensify, so does their impact on supply chains around the world. “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an invasion of the global supply chain,” according to Jennifer Bisceglie, founder and CEO of Interos, a supply chain risk management

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01 Feb 2022

C-suite Toolkit helps executives navigate the Artificial Intelligence landscape

The World Economic Forum has published the AI C-suite Toolkit to support executives in their Artificial Intelligence implementation decision making. The toolkit provides a holistic approach to AI, covering multiple dimensions businesses need to consider when making investments in AI. Emphasis is given on potential risks these technologies create and how

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19 Jan 2022

How Artificial Intelligence Services Can Help Small Businesses

Over the past two years, stay-at-home orders and lockdowns have tested the strength of many American merchants. During the height of the pandemic, 23% of small- and medium-sized businesses closed their doors to customers. While vaccines have brought hope to reopening plans, the post-pandemic landscape comes with a new set of

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05 Sep 2018

How Strong Leadership Propels Winning Companies

10 lessons from one headhunter’s two decades behind the scenes working with hundreds of clients and thousands of senior executives.

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