12 Apr 2022

How the Russia-Ukraine conflict has highlighted the impact of cryptocurrencies

Just days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, thousands of people in Canada joined a truckers’ protest movement called the “freedom convoy” to oppose government health measures. To support the protest movement organizers launched a fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe platform. However, the social funding platform seized the approximately $10

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05 Mar 2020

The Best Analysis Regarding the Business Impact of Coronavirus COVID-19

The Corona Virus is already causing significant business impact across every sector of the economy, with disproportionate impact against sectors like transportation and hospitality.  At OODA, we’ve been tracking all new developments and consulting with our expert network to derive essential elements of information that can inform your decision making process.  The document below represents the best single-source of analysis on the global business and health impact of COVID-19 we have encountered.    On February 13, we queried OODA Network Expert Dr. Peter Katona, who has spent 30 years working these issue in a medical, academic, and public health capacity.  We asked him what three metrics OODA analysts and our OODA Network members should be tracking to assess the global impacts of COVID-19. He indicated those three metrics should be

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