06 Jul 2022

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Announces the DC-based Quantum Network Research Consortium

On May 18th, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) announced the establishment of the Washington Metropolitan Quantum Network Research Consortium (DC-QNet), “to create, demonstrate and operate a quantum network as a regional testbed.” The DC-QNet is launching based primarily on the recommendations of the “President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, or PCAST and the Subcommittee on the “American Action Plan for Global Leadership in Industries of the Future”.

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06 Jun 2022

By Design, The Quantum List Companies are Strategically Structured for Exponential Speed and Scale

At some point, like artificial intelligence, quantum will be “in the midst of a real-world paradigm shift: the final stages  of a decades-long transition from the scientific discipline known as quantum computing (and its various sub-disciplines) into an array of applied quantum computing technologies made more widely available through innovative enterprise architectures unique to the business culture of the technology sector.”  Equally as interesting is that everything is now in place to continue to transform consecutive scientific disciplines (at exponential speed and scale) into the marketplace of solutions for the next few decades.

Exponential speed and scale have started to lose their ‘pie in the sky’ strategic implications and, based on the insights garnered from The Quantum List, are feeling progressively more tangible and tactical with each passing year. What we all intuited (when we first heard of and evaluated the promise of exponential technologies over the last eight to ten years or so, ) is that the next few decades could be (hands-down) one of the most breathtakingly transformative periods in human history

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