25 Jun 2021

Child soldiers carried out attack that killed at least 138 people in Burkina Faso, officials say

A group of young boys carried out the deadliest massacre that Burkina Faso has suffered in the six-year conflict since extremists invaded the nation. The attack in early June in the northeastern village of Solhan claimed at least 138 lives. The attackers were mostly between the ages of 12 and

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07 Jun 2021

Jihadists Massacre at Least 130 in Burkina Faso as West African Violence Surges

Over the weekend, jihadists surrounded a remote village located on Burkina Faso’s border with Niger and massacred at least 130 civilians, according to the government. The event marks the worst terrorist attack in the history of Burkina Faso despite a recent influx in extremist violence. The violence has prompted international

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27 Apr 2021

Spanish and Irish nationals Seized in Burkina Faso Ambush

In Burkina Faso, two Spaniards, an Irish conservationist, and a local soldier were abducted by gunmen near a nature reserve in the region. The group was part of an anti-poaching patrol investigating instances of poaching near Pama reserve on Monday. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

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24 Aug 2020

Burkina Faso army blamed for extrajudicial torture, deaths

Burkina Faso’s army has been accused of beating, shooting, and torturing men from the eastern town of Tawalbougou in late June, claiming that the men were supporting Islamic extremist rebels. Of the dozen men taken, only five survived while the other six were shot and killed. The families have been

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12 Oct 2018

Burkina Faso attacks open new front in France’s anti-terror fight

“An alarming increase in deadly jihadist attacks has led to expanded French military action in Burkina Faso, a marked shift after years of reticence by the west African nation to call in help from its former colonial master. Until now France’s 4,500-member Barkhane anti-terror force in West and Central Africa

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20 Jul 2018

UN: In West Africa and the Sahel, signs of democratic progress amid continued ‘devastating’ violence

The UN has announced progress in building democratic institutions in Western Africa, although these gains remain in competition with the ongoing threat of terrorism and terrorist groups. Increasingly, violence pitting farmers against herders has become a leading threat in many areas, in addition to the well-known conflicts driven by groups

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22 Jun 2018

Why the Sahara is terror’s new front line

From West to East, the massive desert has formed a vast battlefield between militants, populations, national governments, and foreign powers. This picture-heavy BBC publication on the situation highlights the actors and the complex situational landscape that has become a growing priority for the U.S. and its supporters in the war

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