06 Jul 2022

Concessions to Bulgaria prompts violence in North Macedonia

Protests broke out in North Macedonia as the government made concessions on ethnic rights as part of EU accession talks, injuring at least 47 police officers. The protests occurred on Tuesday after the nationalist opposition party VMRO-DPMNE called for them due to the concessions to Bulgaria during the accession process.

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27 Apr 2022

Russia Halting Gas Flows to Poland, Bulgaria Over Payment Terms

Starting Wednesday, Russia has announced that it will halt gas flows to Poland and Bulgaria, marking the first time the country has followed through on a threat to cut off countries that don’t pay for their gas on Russia’s terms. In March, Vladimir Putin outlined new terms of payment that

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19 Jul 2019

Bulgaria’s hacked database is now available on hacking forums

A database containing 11 GB worth of data on Bulgarian citizens that was recently leaked to local media outlets by an unidentified actor, is now available for download on hacking forums. The database allegedly contains only half of the information that was recently stolen from Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency (NRA),

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16 Jul 2019

Hacker steals data of millions of Bulgarians, emails it to local media

An unidentified threat actor who claims to have stolen the personal data of more than five million Bulgarian citizens (out of a population of 7 million), has leaked 11 GB worth of data to local media outlets, while promising that an additional 10 GB of data will be shared soon.

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01 Jul 2019

Bulgarian IT expert arrested after demoing vulnerability in kindergarten software

A recent incident in Bulgaria underscores the major risks security researchers may face as the result of vulnerability disclosure issues. Last week, a researcher named Petko Petrov published a demo of a critical vulnerability in a web portal of a Bulgarian municipality that allows parents to sign their children up

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10 Feb 2010

Bulgaria smashes organized crime gang, arrests 12

“Bulgarian police on Wednesday arrested 12 members of a powerful crime gang suspected of more than a decade of money laundering, racketeering, drug trafficking, bribery and tax fraud, the interior minister said. Tsvetan Tsvetanov told state television he believed the group had in the past been protected by senior officials

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