12 Feb 2021

Brazilian authorities start probe as 102 million consumers are exposed in new leak

Yesterday, Brazil’s National Data Protection Authority informed the public that it had launched an investigation into a massive data leak in which more than 102 million records were exposed. The leak marks the second largest of the year. The information exposed in the incident includes names, taxpayer registration numbers, phone

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10 Nov 2020

Brazil suspends trials of China’s Sinovac coronavirus vaccine, citing ‘serious adverse event’

In July, Chinese drugmaker Sinovac Biotech began Phase 3 trials for its COVID-19 vaccine, collaborating with the Brazilian Butantan Institute located in Sao Paulo. However, the Phase 3 trials have been halted due to a serious adverse event involving a volunteer recipient, according to Brazilian media. The trials represent the

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09 Nov 2020

Putin won’t congratulate Biden until legal action resolved

Vladimir Putin has refrained from congratulating new US President-elect Joe Biden until legal challenges touted by sitting president Donald Trump are resolved that the results are official, according to an announcement made by the Kremlin on Monday. Putin is one of a few world leaders who have not commented on

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07 Sep 2020

Coronavirus: India overtakes Brazil in Covid-19 cases

In the past 24 hours, India has surpassed Brazil to become second in the world in the highest number of COVID-19 cases, recording 90,000 new cases in just one day. India has reported 4,204,613 cases and 71,642 deaths. The infections largely came from five different states. The Indian government has

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24 Jul 2020

China offers $1 billion loan to Latin America and the Caribbean for access to its Covid-19 vaccine

On Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced that China will loan $1 billion to Latin America and the Caribbean for COVID-19 vaccine access. The Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry published the information in a statement following a virtual gathering between the leaders of the region. Wang Yi stated that the

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16 Jul 2020

Brazil’s Banking Trojans Go Global

According to researchers, four sophisticated malware families historically targeting Brazilian individuals and entities have spread their reach to new countries as well as increasing capabilities. The malware families have expanded to target users in North America, Europe, and other Latin American countries. The most sophisticated banking trojans are often engineered

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22 Jun 2020

Brazil becomes second country to pass 50,000 deaths

Brazil has recently become the second country to reach more than 50,000 COVID-19 related deaths, following the US in terms of the highest infection and death rates. This milestone comes amid growing political tension and just a few days after officials confirmed more than one million COVID-19 infections within the

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11 Jun 2020

Brazil’s big cities start to reopen, fueling fears of another deadly coronavirus wave

Brazil suffered from its first COVID-19 loss in Sao Paulo on March 17, and has since been struggling with a massive death toll of over 38,000 and rising. However, despite the death and infection toll continuing to rise, Brazil has moved into the second phase of its reopening plan, allowing

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09 Jun 2020

Brazil Draws Scrutiny for Changes to Coronavirus Data Reporting

The Brazilian government, lead by President Jair Bolsonaro, has stated its COVID-19 death totals are not as high as the media reports. In recent days, Bolsonaro ceased publishing a tally of totally deaths and infections, reporting only on daily tolls. The administration also did not release statistics regarding new cases

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27 May 2020

Brazil Daily Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses That of U.S.

Brazil has surpassed the daily death toll of the US, reporting that in the past 24 hours 1,039 have died from the COVID-19 virus. In total, the US still leads the globe in the death toll, recording 98,261 deaths over the past several months. The US has, on the other

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