27 May 2020

Brazil Daily Coronavirus Death Toll Surpasses That of U.S.

Brazil has surpassed the daily death toll of the US, reporting that in the past 24 hours 1,039 have died from the COVID-19 virus. In total, the US still leads the globe in the death toll, recording 98,261 deaths over the past several months. The US has, on the other

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22 May 2020

Virus accelerates across Latin America, India, Pakistan

The COVID-19 pandemic has been accelerating across Latin America, Russia, and India as European countries, Asia, and the US begin to reopen and loosen lockdown measures. Governments have been making difficult decisions between saving jobs and the economy or preventing the spread of the virus as quickly as possible. In

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19 May 2020

Global worries as infections spike in Russia, Brazil, India

COVID-19 cases have been increasing in India, South Africa, and Mexico, indicating that the pandemic is far from over despite success in the UK, Italy, and Spain. Russia and Brazil now follow only the US for the highest number of reported infections. Asia, Europe, and the US have been easing

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05 May 2020

Coronavirus Sweeps Across Brazil, a Land Ill-Equipped to Fight It

In Brazil, the COVID-19 virus is devastating the population as the country remains ill-equipped for a pandemic. According to local reports from the city of Manaus, there have been extreme wait times for ambulances as well as a lack of medical equipment and burial arrangements. While COVID-19 has previously impacted

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22 Jan 2020

Journalist Glenn Greenwald charged with hacking by Brazil prosecutors

Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of the investigative news website The Intercept, has been accused of cybercrimes by the Brazilian government. The charges are linked to the hacking of the phones belonging to senior government officials in the country. Six other individuals are being accused alongside Greenwald. The Brazilian prosecution service stated that the

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28 Jun 2019

Brazil leads in ransomware attacks

New research by Trend Micro identifies the United States and Brazil as the two most targeted countries when it comes to ransomware attacks. In Q1 of this year, the US accounted for 11,06% of all ransomware attacks and Brazil for 10,64%. The US and Brazil are followed by India, Vietnam

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07 Jan 2019

Days after Bolsonaro inauguration, Brazil deploys troops to stop surge in violence in Fortaleza

“About 300 troops have been sent to the north-eastern Brazilian city of Fortaleza to tackle a surge in criminal violence, authorities said. Soldiers will patrol there and across the state of Ceará in a bid to halt attacks on shops, banks and buses. The justice ministry ordered the special deployment

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03 Jan 2019

Honduras and Brazil planning to move embassies in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

On track to join Guatemala and the US in moving embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Honduras is holding talks with the US and Israel on the subject. The meeting was held in Brazil next to the inauguration of its new president Jair Bolsonaro, who has said the Brazil’s move

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28 Dec 2018

Latin America grapples with migrant exodus that looks set to worsen in 2019

“About 3.3 million people have fled Venezuela since 2015 and the United Nations estimates about two million more, from a population of 32 million, could follow in 2019. Every day, about 5,000 Venezuelans leave home, according to the United Nations, in one of the biggest exodus of people in modern

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26 Dec 2018

Brazil’s oil revenue is set to fuel multibillion-dollar warship program

Brazil’s new right-wing populist government is preparing to implement a longstanding but often unimplemented national policy of using 2% of offshore drilling royalties for military spending. The move has made shipbuilders hopeful for large or expanded orders as the country bolsters its maritime capabilities. President-elect Bolsanaro takes office in January

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