31 Aug 2022

Bots Represent 40% of the Average Web3 Platform Users

In a Monday report, blockchain bot detection firm Jigger revealed that a significant portion of Web3 activity is propelled by bots. The report found out that GameFi projects are infected the most, with bots representing over 80% of the user base of some of these games. After a careful inquisition into

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22 Jul 2022

Radware Employs Blockchain Technologies to Thwart Bots

Radware this week revealed it added blockchain technologies to its Bot Manager platform to thwart attacks designed to evade completely automated public Turing tests to tell computers and humans apart—better known as CAPTCHA challenges. Dr. David Aviv, CTO for Radware, said that while a CAPTCHA challenge can be an effective way

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08 May 2020

Malicious Bots Infiltrate Online Food Delivery

As grocery delivery services experience increased activity due to COVID-19 self-isolation measures, hackers have been capitalizing on this development and using it to insert malicious bots into their systems. The availability of new browser extensions has emerged as a result of this increased demand, allowing attackers an opportunity to insert

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18 Apr 2019

Ever-Sophisticated Bad Bots Target Healthcare, Ticketing

A new Distil Networks report highlights the threat of malicious bots. The good news is that websites are receiving less automated traffic than in previous years, with 62% of web traffic in 2018 representing human activity, an improvement over 2017 when the number was 55%. However, bots are becoming more

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