05 Jan 2021

Deadly flash floods tear through Bolivia’s Sucre city

In the Bolivian city of Sucre, at least four have died after flash floods swept through the region following a heavy hailstorm. The steep streets of the urban city became fast flowing rivers, washing away cars, buses, and market stalls. The city’s largest farmers market was also heavily impacted as

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09 Nov 2020

Bolivia’s Luis Arce sworn in as president as socialists return to power

Luis Arce, the leader of Bolivia’s socialist party, was inaugurated as President on Sunday, closing out a tumultuous presidency lead by Evo Morales. Morales was ousted from office last year due to extensive protests against his rule. Arce was sworn in yesterday in La Paz, and leaders from across the

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21 Nov 2019

At Least 6 Killed As Political Turmoil Continues In Bolivia

Nine days after the resignation of former Bolivian president Evo Morales, Bolivia remains plagued by social and political turmoil. After at least six people were killed on Tuesday, the official death toll rose to 30 people in the past month. The six people were killed on Tuesday as the military

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13 Nov 2019

Bolivia Senate Leader Jeanine Añez Declares Herself President

On Sunday, Bolivian President Evo Morales stepped down from office after weeks of protests, following advice from Bolivia’s military chief. The protests originated after a Morales was elected to a fourth term. Morales was one of the last Latin American leftist leaders, creating the Movement for Socialism party in 1998.

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