17 Jun 2021

UK, US agree truce in Airbus-Boeing dispute

A trade dispute between Britain and the United states involving Boeing and Airbus has been resolved two days after a similar agreement between the Eu and US. The conflict has been going on since 2004 in parallel cases at the World Trade Organization over subsidies for each aircraft firm. The

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09 Jan 2020

Iran plane crash: Tehran won’t give Boeing or US black boxes

The head of Iran’s Aviation Organisation (CAO) made a statement on Wednesday asserting that Iran will not hand over the black box flight recorder of the Boeing 737-800 which crashed late Tuesday night. The flight crashed in Tehran minutes after takeoff; tragically none of the 176 passengers and crew on

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08 Jan 2020

Boeing 737 carrying at least 170 crashes in Iran after takeoff with no survivors

A Boeing 737-800 jet headed for the Ukraine crashed merely minutes after takeoff in Tehran. The plane held 180 passengers and crew; there is no indication anyone onboard has survived. The news was first released by ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America, an umbrella group widely considered Iran’s quasi-official

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30 Dec 2019

The Most Important Tech Event Of 2019: Max 737 Grounding

A lot happened in 2019 from a technology perspective. Google built a 53 qubit quantum computer that could generate 10 quadrillion numbers. SpaceX made rockets flying backwards seem normal. And Facebook was able to bring together Democrats and Republicans; though it was to criticize their privacy policies. Sadly the most important tech event of 2019 is the death of 346 passengers due to a software bug.

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11 Dec 2019

OODA Special Report: Digital Transformation in the Industrials Sector

This OODA special report focuses on the Industrials Sector, which is the part of the economy that makes big things. It is written both for firms that are in the sector who are seeking competitive advantage and for firms in other sectors that can use this awareness for strategic planning

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02 Jan 2019

America, Meet Your (Acting) Secretary of Defense

“It hasn’t received much attention, what with Donald Trump suddenly declaring victory against isis, ordering U.S. troops out of Syria, and provoking James Mattis to resign in protest. But the man who is now the president’s principal adviser on the nation’s defense, tasked with leading the largest employer in the

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