15 Nov 2021

Demystifying Blockchain-Supported Smart Contracts

Highly capable connected technology has emerged in recent years and is on track to disrupt the traditional pharmaceutical industry. A smart contract is a tool that automatically executes the agreed-upon terms, while simultaneously facilitating business and decreasing risk. Promising increased accuracy, transparency, and security, smart contracts and blockchain technology are

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12 Nov 2021

How Blockchain Technology Is Transforming Microtransactions and Revitalizing the Gaming Industry

Modern video games are rife with microtransactions. Whether simple things like costumes or accessories, or more elaborate offerings like characters and weapons, these in-game purchases have largely divided the gaming community. When done right, they can offer new content at a fair price, but when abused, they lead to “loot

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11 Nov 2021

Blockchain In Supply Chain

Is your supply chain ready for the blockchain? Cryptocurrencies are the most commonly cited examples of blockchain’s potential, but it’s the technology itself that’s attracting attention from those outside finance. From increased security and visibility to tracking complex variables related to sustainability and ethical sourcing, blockchain is set to help procurement organizations

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11 Nov 2021

Twitter Launches Cryptocurrency Team to Explore Bitcoin, Blockchain Uses

Twitter is launching a team dedicated to diving deeper into the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space, the Financial Times first reported on Tuesday. The new team, called Twitter Crypto, is aimed at being the center of excellence for “all things blockchain and web3,” which includes the increasing number of decentralized apps

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09 Nov 2021

Not Everything Needs to Be ‘on the Blockchain’

Ever since the word “bitcoin” wormed its way into the mainstream, people have been obsessed with putting things “on the blockchain.” There’s an army of crypto influencers and snake oil peddlers out there dedicated to promoting this stuff: real estate on the blockchain, social media on the blockchain, Soundcloud rap

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08 Nov 2021

Blockchain metaverse startups: Unparalleled investment potential

Neal Stephenson, a popular sci-fi writer coined the phrase “metaverse” in his first best-selling and breakthrough 1992 novel, Snow Crash. Now that concept is becoming a reality, and what’s more, you can invest in the metaverses. In Ready Player One, The OASIS is another example of an advanced virtual reality.

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05 Nov 2021

Blockchain Aims to Lower Product Waste, Emissions

A new blockchain that will use low energy and offset its emissions by helping determine the market value of products and thus encouraging their reuse is being released by digital trading company Mattereum. Mattereum says its goal is to help create a circular economy by helping markets realize how products are

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04 Nov 2021

VCs Invested Record $6.5B in Crypto, Blockchain in Q3: CB Insights

Global venture capital funding into cryptocurrency and blockchain reached an all-time high of $6.5 billion in the third quarter of 2021, surpassing the updated second-quarter total of $5.2 billion, according to a new report from market intelligence firm CB Insights and its subsidiary Blockdata. For the quarter, there were a staggering

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02 Nov 2021

Inside the blockchain developer’s mind: What is a testnet?

Blockchain testnets are an interesting subject because they come in all shapes and sizes. So, in this post, my goal is to leverage my inside experience as the CEO of Koinos Group (developers of Koinos) to demystify testnets and perhaps give some insight into why they seem to have such

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01 Nov 2021

Ubisoft drinks the crypto Kool-Aid, announces plans to develop blockchain games

Ubisoft has formally announced its intention to develop “play-to-earn” NFT and blockchain games, the publisher revealed during last week’s Q2 earnings call. Executives raised the subject of blockchain games several times in both its earnings report and during the call itself (thanks, IGN). The French publisher is one of the major

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