03 Aug 2022

The Future of AI and Blockchain-based Data Accessibility, Exchanges and Marketplaces

The crypto marketplace continues to fly through some serious turbulence.  OODA CEO Matt Devost recently noted, in response to the recent charges by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a ‘massive’ crypto Ponzi scheme:  “It is all about creative destruction. It is good to wash the fraud and opportunists out of the system. The foundation of the technology is solid, so now it is time to build actual disruptive solutions that solve real-world problems.”  If you take the long view, blockchain holds real promise for countless disruptive platforms across a wide range of industries.

The automotive and mobility subsectors have provided a recent case study that is a window into the promise of blockchain technologies. The Ocean Protocol should be on your radar – and the Acentrik platform is worth a closer look.

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08 Jun 2022

Blockchain-enabled Digital Sovereignty: Patients will be Able to Sell Healthcare Data via Blockchain-based Exchange

While cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are not official exponential technologies, they are exponential-adjacent.  Why? As we shared in our recent post “By Design, The Quantum List Companies are Strategically Structured for Exponential Speed and Scale” a driver fueling exponential technologies is information:  Once any domain, discipline, technology, or industry becomes information-enabled and powered by information flows, its price/performance begins doubling approximately annually.” 

Emergent blockchain business applications in a variety of industry verticals are leveraging these information flows into business ecosystems, platforms, and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. In blockchain and crypto, exchanges have become a standard information-enabled architecture that utilizes information flows as well. We recently took a look at a plan to build a SaaS-based marketplace where patient information is structured for sale to researchers by way of a blockchain exchange. 

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