02 May 2022

At least 10 killed, many more feared dead after explosion at Kabul mosque

At least ten individuals have been killed and 30 more wounded after an explosion occurred in the capital city of Kabul, Afghanistan. The blast took place after Friday prayers at a mosque in the city, a time in which the building would have been busy or crowded. Eyewitnesses of the

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22 Feb 2022

At least 60 people killed in blast at gold mine in Burkina Faso, state TV reports

In Burkina Faso, roughly 60 people have been killed and dozens more wounded after an explosion at an informal gold mining site occurred. State television outlets reported on the tragedy, stating that the cause of the explosion remains unknown. The blast occurred in the Poni province. Images from the scene

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21 Jan 2022

Almost entire town leveled after explosives delivery truck crash in Ghana

A blast in western Ghana on Thursday killed at least 17 people after a motorcycle collided with a vehicle carrying explosives. 59 additional people were injured in the explosion.A small town, Apiate, appears to have been completely leveled. The explosion caused every building to collapse and trap people and animals

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08 Oct 2021

Afghanistan blast kills worshippers in Kunduz mosque

In northern Afghanistan, an explosion occurred in a mosque during Friday prayers today, October 8. The cause and number of casualties are not immediately clear at the mosque in Kunduz province, but AP reports a Taliban police official estimated at least 100 people were killed or wounded. Hospital sources told

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06 Oct 2021

Hezbollah threatened top judge probing Beirut port blast, source says

New speculation that Hezbollah urged the Lebanese government to stop investigating the Beirut port blast has emerged. According to those familiar with the situation, high-ranking Hezbollah official Wafiq Safa issued a verbal warning to Judge Tarek Bitar via an unidentified intermediary. The intermediary was reportedly a known individual to the

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16 Aug 2021

At least 20 people killed when fuel tank explodes in Lebanon

At least 20 people have died due to a fuel tank explosion in northern Lebanon, according to reports from the Lebanese Red Cross. The incident occurred in the Akkar region and injured an additional 79 individuals. Lebanon is currently facing a severe fuel shortage that has resulted in extended blackouts

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15 Jul 2021

Explosion Kills at Least Nine Chinese Nationals in Pakistan

On Wednesday, a blast in Pakistan killed at least nine Chinese nationals travelling in the northern region of the country. The victims were riding on a bus along with at least four other Pakistanis, according to local officials. The cause of the blast remains unclear, however, Chinese building sites, symbols,

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07 May 2021

Former Maldives president treated for wounds after blast outside home

Former President and speaker of parliament in the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, was treated for shrapnel wounds after a blast outside his home on Thursday. Two close friends stated Nasheed was talking and responsive before being treated.  An investigation into the explosion in the capital Male is underway. A foreign tourist

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12 Mar 2021

Blast kills six coal miners in Pakistan’s southwest

Approximately 1,000 feet underground, methane gas exploded at the coalfield in Marwar in the province of Balochistan, killing six miners and injuring two. The coal mine is in southwestern Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan. The mine has been closed and an inquiry has been ordered by the Chief Inspector

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08 Mar 2021

Equatorial Guinea blast hurts hundreds

In Equatorial Guinea, a deadly blast at a military base in the country’s main city, Bata, has killed 17 and injured more than 400. The series of blasts were allegedly caused by stubble burning by farmers and negligence in the storage of explosives at the base. Almost all buildings and

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