13 Nov 2020

OODA Network Interview: Blake Bartlett, CEO of Janes

This post is based on an interview with Blake Bartlett, the CEO at Janes.  It is part of our series of interviews of OODA Network members. Our objective with these interviews is to provide actionable information of interest to the community, including insights that can help with your own career progression. We also really like highlighting some of the great people that make our continued research and reporting possible. 

Blake started his professional life in a very interesting way, pursuing a dream of being a Tennis Pro.  Read how he channeled this passion and then leveraged his ability to communicate and an affinity for people into his current job leading Janes into the future.

“Stay focused on your long-term goals.   It’s easy to get distracted by short term opportunities.  Leaders need to keep their organizations working on a small number of key objectives.”

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