17 Jan 2022

Bitcoin’s Dominance of Crypto Payments Is Starting to Erode

Consumers and businesses are increasingly starting to use digital tokens other than Bitcoin for purchases, according to BitPay Inc., one of the biggest crypto payments processors in the world. Last year, Bitcoin’s use at merchants that use BitPay dropped to about 65% of processed payments, down from 92% in 2020, the

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14 Jan 2022

North Korean hackers stole a record-breaking amount of cryptocurrency last year

Hackers from North Korea stole nearly $400 million worth of cryptocurrency in 2021 through at least seven attacks and most of it was Ether or ETH rather than Bitcoin, according to blockchain analysis firm, Cainalysis. 2021 was a record year for North Korea’s military hackers, the most notorious of which is

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12 Jan 2022

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency taxes in 2022: Everything you need to know

If you bought, sold or traded cryptocurrency in 2021, you may have questions about how it’s taxed. The IRS treats virtual currencies, like bitcoin and ether, differently from some other assets and investments, and there are specific rules you’ll need to follow if you sold or traded those assets last

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07 Jan 2022

Bitcoin Crashes as Major Crypto Country Shuts Down Entire Internet

Things are looking bleak for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was hit by a precipitous price drop on Wednesday, following a draconian crackdown in Kazakhstan — the second-largest hub for Bitcoin mining after the US in the world, Reuters reports. Prices fell below $42,000 on Thursday, which means that anyone who bought in at

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07 Jan 2022

Bitcoin prices fall to lowest in months after US Fed remarks

Bitcoin dropped in value from $47,000 to less than $42,000 per digital coin this week. This drop occurred after minutes from a meeting of the Federal Reserve suggested it may raise interest rates. The political events in Kazakhstan have also raised concern about the network’s abilities.  Because bitcoin is decentralized

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06 Jan 2022

What is Web 3.0? (Part 1 of 3)

What is Web 3.0?  This question is not rhetorical.  We are trying to sort it out for research purposes – and thought it would be a good idea to open source the process to the OODA Loop readership. Also, for research purposes, we will continue to capture OSINT resources for the OODA Loop membership which bears the moniker “Web 3.0” in the headline if we determine that it is worthwhile information.  For better or for worse, Web 3.0 is already a thing in the tech press.  But what is it, really? First, some background.

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31 Dec 2021

Cryptocurrency Investing Predictions For 2022

Bitcoin…moon again? Well, wasn’t 2021 sort of a moon launch? I think so. It hit all-time highs despite all the “legends” saying it’s a worthless seashell for tech dorks. Wrong! Hey, it’s not $68,000, but it’ll get there again. Right? “Bitcoin will reach at least $200,000 by 2025,” says Paycer UG founder &

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07 Dec 2021

Facing The Chasm: The Future Of Bitcoin And The Metaverse

We tend to think of the world as the past, present and future, and as these distinguished moments in time. However, we intuitively know that this is not the case. Instead, we are always in a state of flux, this slow progressive evolution in order to suit humanity’s growing needs,

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06 Dec 2021

Crypto has had a rough few days. The biggest test is still to come, Morgan Stanley strategists say.

Bitcoin fell into the low $42,000 level over the weekend — a nearly 30% drop — and its recovery to the $48,000 level was still a roughly 8% drop from Friday. Anyway, $42,000 is a lot better than zero, which is what some holders of various cryptos were looking at

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03 Dec 2021

Jahon Jamali On Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Coming Metaverse

Jahon Jamali is a leading expert on emerging technologies, global risk management and international relations. He began his career as a U.S. Intelligence Officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency. He also has extensive experience in the high tech community creating and growing startups through to successful exits. All this makes him an even more credible authority when it comes to seeking the trends that are moving technology, business and government operations forward. This discussion examines the role of Bitcoin and Ethereum in finance today and the especially important need for cryptocurrencies to provide a trust layer for the Internet.

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