26 Jan 2023

Why You Should Avoid Investing In Cryptocurrency In Retirement

Many people feel that investing in cryptocurrency is a way to increase their retirement savings, but it is not without risks. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset class with prices that can fluctuate wildly in a short amount of time. This makes it a risky choice for those who are

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25 Jan 2023

SEC’s ‘one-dimensional’ approach is slowing Bitcoin progress: Grayscale CEO

The approach to crypto regulatory enforcement by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has stalled the advancement of Bitcoin in the country, according to the CEO of Grayscale Investments. In a letter published in The Wall Street Journal on Jan. 23, the chief of the cryptocurrency asset management firm,

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02 Jan 2023

Bitcoin Core Dev Loses At Least $3.6 Million in BTC to Hack

Luke Dashjr, who claims to be “the longest contributing Bitcoin Core developer,” revealed that an unknown hacker had raided “basically all” of his Bitcoin holdings on New Year’s Day. The total sum of Bitcoin stolen is unknown, but in a Twitter thread, Dashjr tracked “some of it” to a wallet

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08 Dec 2022

Ethereum change cut cryptocurrency power demand

A change in the way the cryptocurrency Ethereum works may have cut its power consumption by country-sized amounts. The amount of electricity saved is similar to that used by Ireland or even Austria, work published in the data-science journal Patterns suggests. Bitcoin, the largest crypto, is thought to use more electricity than

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29 Nov 2022

Bitcoin Offshoot Becomes the Latest Victim of FTX’s Contagion

The fallout from the collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX crypto empire has spread to a new corner of the digital-asset market. Focus has turned to the price disparity between Bitcoin and a derivative of the largest cryptocurrency called wrapped Bitcoin, which can be used on the rival Ethereum blockchain. Wrapped Bitcoin

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21 Nov 2022

Grayscale won’t share proof of reserves, citing ‘security concerns’

Grayscale, the asset manager running the world’s largest bitcoin fund, said in a statement that it won’t share its proof of reserves with customers. “Due to security concerns, we do not make such on-chain wallet information and confirmation data publicly available through a cryptographic Proof-of-Reserve, or other advanced cryptographic accounting procedure,”

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09 Nov 2022

FTX: Cryptocurrency market rocked by near-collapse of exchange

The digital assets market has been rocked by the near-collapse of one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX. On Tuesday, FTX struck a bailout deal with larger rival Binance after a surge in withdrawals caused a “significant liquidity crunch”. Concerns about FTX’s financial health reportedly triggered $6bn (£5.2bn) of withdrawals in

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03 Nov 2022

Cryptocurrency and how it impacts the environment

Bitcoin, the first ever cryptocurrency, was established in 2009 has grown in value astronomically according to Forbes. Forbes estimates that if you invested $1,000 in Bitcoin when it first launched, it would be worth $41.5 million today. As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have grown, environmentalists like CWU Biology Professor Dr. Clay

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02 Nov 2022

Moneygram to enable users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency via mobile app

Global digital peer-to-peer payments company MoneyGram announced on Nov. 1 that users in nearly all U.S. states and the District of Columbia, can buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin , via its MoneyGram mobile app. The digital payments company said that it plans to add more digital currencies to its app

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01 Nov 2022

14 years since the Bitcoin white paper: Why it matters

Happy white paper day, Bitcoin. It’s been 14 years since Satoshi Nakamoto first sent an email to the Cypherpunk mailing list with the subject line, “Bitcoin P2P e-cash Paper.” The email included a link to the white paper, an outline of what would soon become a one trillion-dollar market. The

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