27 Oct 2022

Can biometrics strengthen cryptocurrency storage?

The use of cryptocurrencies is growing and diversifying. Once the open secret of a select group of tech-savvy users, many are now being drawn to the transactional freedom of BTC, ETH and a host of other altcoins and tokens. Cryptocurrencies are typically associated with the (decentralized) movement of high volumes and

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05 Oct 2021

YubiKey Bio builds biometric authentication into a security key

YubiKey security keys has launched its latest technology, called YubiKey Bio. The key features biometric authentication built-in, allowing users to take advantage of simple and streamlined passwordless authentication for desktop FIDO-supported services and applications. The key uses a three-chip architecture that is able to store the biometric fingerprint in a

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31 Aug 2021

Rights Group Advises Afghans to Delete Data

Human Rights First, an activist group based in the US, is encouraging Afghans to delete their data in order to protect themselves from the Taliban. The human rights group believes that the Taliban may use Afghans’ data against them. The militant organization seized control of Afghanistan on August 15, and

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12 Jul 2021

Europe Makes the Case to Ban Biometric Surveillance

Recently, the European Data Protection Board, tasked with helping countries implement GDPR consistently, has called for a total ban on utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to conduct facial recognition. The European Data Protection Supervisor joined the former entity in making a push for a ban on the controversial technology. The

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30 Jun 2021

Feds Told to Better Manage Facial Recognition, Amid Privacy Concerns

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report found that government agencies are regularly using facial recognition technology in criminal investigations, including to identify travelers. The GAO dictates that stricter management is necessary to protect people’s privacy and inaccurate identification since the technology has been proved to hold certain biases. The federal

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22 Apr 2021

Army Explores Equipping Robots with Living Muscle Tissue

Army Research Laboratory scientists are conducting research into new biohybrid robotics that would eventually fuse organic tissue with machines. The experiments and studies are high-risk attempts at creating machines that move more like living creatures than androids. The research is completely new, with the idea of successfully integrating muscle tissue

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15 Apr 2021

Lawsuit Filed After Facial Recognition Tech Leads to Wrongful Arrest

Robert Julian-Borchak Williams, a Michigan resident, is suing Detroit officials after facial recognition technology led to his wrongful arrest. Williams filed a federal lawsuit on April 13 against the city of Detroit, claiming that facial recognition technology was misused and relied upon during his arrest, which occurred on January 9,

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05 Apr 2021

Army Wants to Automate Base Access With Facial Recognition at Drive-Thru Checkpoints

The Army is currently developing a new biometric camera system that will allow for more thorough checks at base entrances, affirming that the people entering and exiting the facility are who they say they are. The Army has issued a call on its Small Business Innovation Research, looking to form

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23 Dec 2020

New York Issues First-In-Nation Moratorium On Facial Recognition In Schools

On  Tuesday, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed a law into place banning facial recognition and other biometric technology in schools, effective until June 2022. The law affects both public and private schools and is in place until a study can be conducted with input from teachers, parents,

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11 Nov 2020

EU Agrees on Tighter Rules for Surveillance Tech Exports

On Monday, the European Union agreed to implement stricter regulations on the sale and export of cyber-surveillance technology. EU lawmakers reached a deal on new restrictions for dual-use goods like facial recognition technology, biometric data tech, and spyware to prevent spreading them to areas in which they may be used

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