17 Jan 2019

North Korea’s Less-Known Military Threat: Biological Weapons

All human life on earth could be ended by a single gallon of strategically-distributed anthrax. This fact, coupled with ongoing North Korean efforts towards weaponization has led experts, like the Obama-administration Pentagon head of nuclear, chemical, and biological defense programs, to declare that “North Korea is far more likely to

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17 Dec 2018

The Government’s Bioterror-Response Website May Be Leaking Sensitive Data

“The U.S. government’s chief tool to coordinate responses to bioterror events has for years suffered from big security problems, according to Homeland Security Department inspectors and a former employee. For more than 15 years, the United State’s first line of defense against a major biological incident has been a program called BioWatch. Its sensors, mounted

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15 Oct 2018

Expect more chemical weapons attacks on Britain’s streets, warns security minister

The UK Home Office Minister recently stated at the country’s National Security Summit that “chemical and biological weapons are marching in closer,” and that terrorists “have developed and worked on a better arsenal and we have to be prepared that might come to our streets here.” The Metropolitan Police Assistant

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05 Oct 2018

Russia claims US is running a secret bio weapons lab in Georgia

Russia has claimed, and the U.S. has vehemently denied, U.S. clandestine operation of a biological weapons lab in the country of Georgia against international conventions. A Russian government spokesperson announced that the Georgian lab was one within a broader network of U.S. labs near Russian and Chinese borders. A spokesperson

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21 Jun 2018

Synthetic biology raises risk of new bioweapons, US report warns

Advances in biology has opened up new possibilities and dangers in a new range of possible bioweapons, according to a recent US report. The advances include increased capabilities of customized virus creation and modification of existing bacteria. The report highlights the ways in which these technologies might be misused as

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24 Oct 2015

FBI Warns of Black Market BioToxin Shipping Trends

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