15 Sep 2021

Attackers Impersonate DoT in Two-Day Phishing Scam

Threat actors allegedly impersonated the US Department of Transportation in a two-day phishing campaign, leveraging the recent $1 trillion infrastructure bill. The cyber attackers created new domains mimicking the real DoT site. The campaign combined a series of tactics, such as creating seemingly legitimate domains to evade security detections and

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13 Sep 2021

Singapore moots ‘foreign interference’ law with powers to issue online platforms take-down order

Singapore has delayed new laws that would arm the government with the ability to issue directives to different platforms, such as social media sites. The government would also obtain the power to block or remove any content deemed to be a part of hostile information campaigns. The proposed bill was

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12 Jul 2021

Bill Would Ban Facial Recognition in Public Housing

Last Wednesday, Legislation introduced in the House could effectively prohibit the use of facial recognition and biometric technology in both public and assisted housing units that are funded under the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The new bill, introduced by three democratic Representatives, addressed several of the risks that

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15 Feb 2021

Lawmakers Want the U.S. to Enable Increased Use of IoT Devices

House lawmakers on Thursday introduced bipartisan legislation that seeks to require the Federal Communications Commission to capture and maintain data on the growing use of 5G enabled devices. The solicitation also looks to determine the amount of electromagnetic spectrum needed to support future demands. The legislation was introduced by Representatives

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06 Nov 2020

Russian lawmakers consider bill that would give Putin lifelong immunity from prosecution

Russian lawmakers are reviewing a bill that would prohibit the prosecution of current president Vladamir Putin following his eventual retirement. The bill would also grant all former presidents lifelong immunity from criminal prosecution beyond their terms of office, according to state media. If Putin decides to leave office, he would

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11 Sep 2020

House Energy and Commerce Greenlights Bill to Explore AI, Blockchain Use for Consumer Safety

Last week, bipartisan legislation was introduced to the House of Representatives that aims to direct the government into utilizing blockchain technology to secure transactions and protect US consumers from fraud. The bill has gained traction in Congress as it moves forward through the process of becoming law. The legislation, called

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21 Aug 2020

Senate Bill Would Expand Facial-Recognition Restrictions Nationwide

A new bill that is currently in the process of moving through the Senate aims to expand restrictions on the use of facial recognition technology after critics claimed the technology could have biases against gender, race, and ethnicity. The bill’s introduction comes as police departments across the US are being

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08 Jun 2020

Congress Seeks Creation of National Research Cloud for Artificial Intelligence

New bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the House and the Senate, aiming to direct the federal government to develop artificial intelligence research based on establishing national cloud computing infrastructure. The bill was introduced on Thursday and is called the National Cloud Computing Task Force Act. If passed, it would

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25 Feb 2020

The New Bipartisan AV Bill Is A Good Start, But It’s Missing ADAS Urgency

The latest bill on driverless cars is distinguished from the previous version due to the fact that it was built in a bipartisan structure. The bill was proposed by members of the US House earlier this year and contains three parts: Definitions for AV Portions, Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and

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24 Jan 2020

Bipartisan Coalition Bill Introduced to Reform NSA Surveillance

A coalition of US lawmakers introduced new bipartisan legislation that aims to protect Americans from government surveillance, such as that run by the NSA. The bill, named Safeguarding Americans’ Private Records Act, was introduced today by Senators Wyden and Daines in the upper chamber while Representatives Lofgren, Davidson, and Jaypal

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