17 Jun 2021

Biden Tells Putin Critical Infrastructure Sectors ‘Off Limits’ to Russian Hacking

President Joe Biden has revealed that he and President Vladimir Putin of Russia have agreed to establish “what’s off limits” from cyber activity. They also discussed how each country would “follow up” with cyberattacks that originated in either country. This press conference came after Biden’s four-hour meeting with Putin in

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18 Mar 2021

China Plans to Ask U.S. to Roll Back Trump Policies in Alaska Meeting

Beijing allegedly plans to pressure the Biden administration to reverse many anti-China policies introduced during the Trump presidency. The two leaders are set to meet face to face this week for the first time since President Biden’s election. The meeting will occur in Alaska and offer both sides a chance

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05 Feb 2021

Biden Issues Warnings on Crises in Myanmar, Russia

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden issued warnings over developments in Russia and Myanmar. Biden also declared that he would end US support for the Saudi led war in Yemen, emphasizing multilateral agreements and human rights. This marks Joe Biden’s first speech on foreign policy as president. Under the Biden

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02 Feb 2021

Iran Launches New Rocket, Showing Advances in Potential Missile Technology

On Monday, Iran tested a new rocket that boasted improved technology in its latest attempt to pressure the Biden administration ahead of potential nuclear negotiations. The rocket was named Zuljanah and was developed through a government-backed program aiming to send civilian satellites into orbit 310 miles above the ground. However,

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07 Jan 2021

Biden victory confirmed after four die amid Capitol riot

Yesterday afternoon, armed supporters of President Trump transformed a peaceful protest into a historic event, storming the Capitol building while the Senate was in session and forcing the Congressmen and women to evacuate and endure a lockdown. One woman was shot dead by police while trying to enter the building

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