22 Apr 2020

Nations ease some virus restrictions yet public still wary

This past week, some nations have begun to ease coronavirus restrictions to relieve countries’ struggling economies, however, many citizens are still wary of returning to work and daily life. Small shops reopened on Wednesday in Berlin, as well as in Denmark and Austria. In the US, some states are beginning

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13 Nov 2019

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces plans for fourth factory and design center near Berlin

Yesterday, CEO Elon Musk announced plans to open a fourth ‘Gigafactory’ in Berlin, Germany. Other factory locations currently include the Gigafactory battery plant in Nevada, a charging equipment and future Tesla Solar Roof factory in New York and Shanghai. Musk stated that he chose Germany due to its reputation for

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20 Dec 2018

How Berlin’s Arabic-origin crime clans are targeting refugees

Many of Berlin crime organizations known as “clans” were started by refugees of the Lebanon war in the 1980s, mostly Arabic and Kurdish-origin extended-family networks that control a huge chunk of the city’s drug trade, prostitution, and protection. These gangs work alongside or in competition with several homegrown, Eastern European,

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