14 Aug 2018

Spending speed bumps hit China’s massive Belt and Road project

“It was always going to be about the numbers. In the first half of 2018, China’s foreign direct investment in the Belt and Road Initiative dropped 15% compared to the same period last year. Spending edged down to US$7.68 billion, which was 12.3% of total FDI from January to June,

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24 Jul 2018

China inks deal with Senegal; BRI now spans Africa

Chinese media has reported that Senegal is the first West African country to sign a Belt and Road cooperation agreement with China. China has already funded a series of infrastructure projects in Senegal. The announcement comes during Chinese President Xi’s highly publicized tour in Africa, his fourth while in office.

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20 Jul 2018

Beijing working to curb ‘zombie’ company problem as they feast on new BRI projects

Embedded within China’s massive state-owned enterprise sector are thousands of “zombie” companies that do not produce enough revenue to pay debts, and are kept afloat by state funding. These companies have driven China’s growing corporate debt problem and the issue has been aggravated by China’s titanic Belt and Road Initiative.

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03 Jul 2018

The Belt and Road Bubble Is Starting to Burst

Risky projects funded as part of China’s “Go Out” policy for domestic businesses have begun to have an impact on Chinese banks and the larger economy. The policies created easily-accessible credit for foreign projects and encouraged investments, but many of these have severely underperformed. China’s foreign asset purchases have increasingly

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29 Jun 2018

China’s “debt trap” in Sri Lanka and beyond

China’s financial practices in Sri Lanka have created a deteriorating debt balance approaching 100% of GDP. Along with Sri Lanka, eight other nations are projected to fall into a “vulnerable” debt situation with China, according to the Center for Global Development, through Belt and Road Initiative investment debts. These countries

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19 Jun 2018

China’s Belt and Road extends to space, too

China’s Belt-and-Road-Initiative (BRI) is a multi-trillion dollars investment in the infrastructure of Asia, Africa, and Europe, including oceans. Currently including around 70 countries, the project has begun reaching into space, as high tech satellites have begun to accompany infrastructure development projects in many countries. As a part of the BRI,

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08 Jun 2018

Siemens and other Western firms with contracts become vocal supporters of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”

While Western governments have been hesitant to support the initiative, firms from Germany and other western countries with large presences in Belt and Road countries have become vocal supporters. “Last February, German Chancellor Angela Merkel questioned whether China’s investment in Europe as part of the BRI was linked to political

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06 Jun 2018

Expert question geopolitical motivations behind Chinese investment in Myanmar

“To understand China’s top priority in Myanmar, forget Beijing’s involvement in the country’s sputtering peace process, or efforts to restart its backed but now suspended 3.9 billion USD hydroelectric dam, or even securing rights to extract copper at the locally resisted mine outside of Mandalay…these are all subordinate interests to

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