29 May 2019

Emotet Botnet Behind Most Email-Based Threats in Q1 2019

The latest threat report by Proofpoint points to Emotet as the top email-based threat in Q1 of this year. While Emotet was initially designed a banking Trojan, the malware has become a highly sophisticated, multifunctional (modular) threat that Proofpoint currently classifies as a botnet because it is used for “spam

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20 Mar 2019

Bank hackers team up to spread financial Trojans worldwide

Financial Trojans are among the biggest global cyber threats, and the risks for organizations and users only appear to be increasing, for new IBM research shows that the cybercrime groups behind various prominent financial Trojans are increasingly collaborating with each other in order to launch more successful malware campaigns. Last

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08 Mar 2019

Banking Trojans flood the enterprise, Android attacks surge

Banking Trojans are growing threat to enterprises, a new Kaspersky Labs study shows. The company detected around 900,000 cyberattacks involving financial malware last year, which is 16% more than in 2017. The most popular banking Trojans were Zeus (Zbot), Gozi, and SpyEye. Financial malware campaigns often rely on phishing messages

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