18 Dec 2018

Think tank: NATO must prepare to counter a rapid Russia invasion in Europe

According to international affairs think tank the Atlantic Council, Russia is currently equipped to overrun U.S. and NATO forces stationed across Eastern Europe and annex land before defenses are able to mobilize. While the US has made deterrence against Russia a priority in its defense strategy through a number of

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08 Oct 2018

Latvia election puts pro-Russia Harmony party on top

The party mostly supported by the country’s ethnic Russians won 19.9% of the vote in Latvia’s general elections over the weekend, making it the largest party in the country for the second election in a row. Several other parties, however, refuse to form a coalition with them due to their

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31 Aug 2018

Russia secretly finances news outlets in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia as part of information warfare

“The Russian government discreetly funded a group of seemingly independent news websites in Eastern Europe to pump out stories dictated to them by the Kremlin, BuzzFeed News and its reporting partners can reveal. Russian state media created secret companies in order to bankroll websites in the Baltic states — a

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12 Jul 2018

Russian Special Forces just practiced invading an island near Finland

In the most recent example of declining relations between Russia and Finland (and other neighboring states), Russia staged an island invasion drill on an island within 24 miles from a Finnish city. These public drills have pushed Finland to increase defense spending and preparedness, with a 2017 defense reporting writing

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09 Jul 2018

How Russia Could Test NATO in the Baltics

The Suwalki Corridor is a small, key land area for NATO that connects Poland and NATO-allied Europe with the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. A Russian challenge to the area could cut off NATO access to these states and achieve a key Russian objective of undermining the NATO

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