25 Mar 2021

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missiles for First Time in Nearly a Year, U.S. and Japan Say

On Thursday, North Korea launched two ballistic missiles off of its east coast. This marks the first time the country has performed an exercise with ballistic missiles in almost a year, according to the US and Japanese governments. The move shows Kim Jong Un’s frustrations with the Biden administration and

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09 Dec 2019

N. Korea conducts ‘important test’ at once-dismantled site

On Sunday, North Korea announced that they had carried out a test at its long-range rocket site. The site was previously dismantled at the commencement of denuclearization talks with the US but has since been rebuilt by Chinese military forces.  The announcement of the missile test follows North Korea’s previous

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03 Oct 2019

North Korea says underwater-launched missile test succeeded

On Thursday, a day after South Korea’s military stated that North Korea had carried out a ballistic missile test involving a submarine, Pyongyang confirmed that it had successfully carried out an underwater-launched ballistic missile test, which was the first launch of this kind in three years. North Korean state media

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02 Oct 2019

North Korea fires ballistic missile, possibly from submarine, days before talks

South Korea’s military on Wednesday stated that North Korea had carried out a ballistic missile test involving a submarine. The missile was launched one day after North Korean state media announced that Pyongyang and Washington will be holding working-level negotiations on October 5, after a first meeting on October 4.

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