26 Apr 2021

Fire in Iraq Hospital Treating Covid-19 Patients Kills 82 People

A fire at a Baghdad hospital treating Covid-19 patients has killed at least 82 people, according to a statement made by Iraqi officials on Sunday. The fire was caused by exploding oxygen canisters that ignited in a hospital ward full of patients on ventilators. The fire set off a scramble

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26 Jan 2021

At least 32 killed as first suicide bombing in nearly 2 years rocks Baghdad

On Thursday morning, two suicide bombs ripped through a busy market in central Baghdad, marking the first suicide bombing in nearly two years. Now, Afghan authorities are reporting that 32 have died and 110 others have been injured in the attack. The bombing occurred on Thursday morning, according to officials

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07 Jul 2020

Hisham al-Hashimi: Leading Iraqi security expert shot dead in Baghdad

On Monday night, top security expert Hisham al-Hashimi was killed near his home in the Ziyouna district of Baghdad in a drive-by shooting consisting of two gunmen riding a motorbike. Al-Hashimi advised government agencies and is a leading figure on armed groups, appearing frequently in the media Although no group

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27 Jan 2020

12 dead, hundreds wounded as protesters clash with Iraq security forces

Twelve people have died and 230 others injured as protests in Iraq grew violent, with demonstrators clashing with security forces. The figure was a result of violence over the past three days, according to the Independent High Commission for Human Rights of Iraq stated on Sunday. Nine protesters were killed

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02 Jan 2020

Militia Supporters Retreat From U.S. Embassy Site in Iraq

An attempt to storm the US Embassy in Iraq ended on Wednesday as protesters withdrew from the area after their efforts were fueled by opposition to American troop presence in Iraq. The protesters, a militia backed by Iran, tried to force their way into the US Embassy compound on Tuesday

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