11 Dec 2020

New Backdoors Used by Hamas-Linked Hackers Abuse Facebook, Dropbox

The threat actor group referred to as Extreme Jackal, Gaza Hackers Team, Gaza Cybergang, and Moonlight has been active since 2012 and mainly focused on conducting cyberattacks against targets in the Middle East. The group has allegedly been using two malware families, Spark and Pierogi alongside two new backdoors named

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19 Feb 2020

Iranian Hackers Backdoored VPNs Via One-Day Bugs

Security researchers have reported that unpatched bugs in VPN and RDPs allowed Iran to conduct a cyber-espionage campaign that infiltrated global organizations. Although the campaign was already attributed to APT33, a state-sponsored hacking group, security firm Clearsky has publicized further details. The new report claims that the three-year-long campaign named

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20 Nov 2019

Huawei Beats Google—Offers $220,000 For ‘Zero-Click’ Android Phone Hacks

Chinese tech giant Huawei launched a bug bounty program last week that will reward bug hunters up to $220,000 for detecting critical weaknesses in its Android devices. This program beats Google’s, who offers up to $200,000 for demonstrations of similar attacks on its Pixel phones. Huawei revealed the program in

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