28 Apr 2022

Microsoft patches cross-tenant bug in Azure PostgreSQL

Microsoft has patched a security vulnerability in Azure PostgreSQL that could have been exploited by cyberattackers to execute malicious code. Researchers from Wiz Research published an advisory on “ExtraReplica,” the vulnerability, describing it as a cross-account database vulnerability in Azure infrastructure. The report was published on Thursday and explains how

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24 Mar 2022

Malicious npm packages target Azure developers to steal personal data

Microsoft has confirmed that a large scale cyberattack is targeting its Azure developers through malicious npm packages. JFrog cybersecurity researchers released a report on Wednesday detailing how hundreds of malicious packages have been identified. The packages were designed to steal personally identifiable information from developers. According to researchers, the campaign

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04 Jan 2022

Big US banks are slowly embracing cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP, after hesitating for years due to regulation, cyberattacks, and old infrastructure

Michael W. Lucas made big plans to take a trip around the world in March 2020. He arranged to travel from his home in Detroit to Tokyo, then attend conferences in Hong Kong and Bangalore, India, before making a final stop in Paris. But on his first attempt to buy plane

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20 Sep 2021

Azure Zero-Day Flaws Highlight Lurking Supply-Chain Risk

Researchers have found a series of vulnerabilities in the Open Management Infrastructure used in Azure on Linux to demonstrate hidden security threats. Researchers have dubbed the flaws OMIGOD. The Open Management Infrastructure (OMI) is software that many don’t realize is embedded in a host of services and represents a significant

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