10 Jul 2020

Tesla Autopilot ‘Self-Driving’ Possibly Getting More Aggressive In Evasive Maneuvering Which Could Be A Hidden Sign About Level 5

Recently, a news report arose in which a Tesla on Autopilot managed to avoid hitting a deer. However, the car instead performed an aggressive swerve maneuver that could have injured the driver or surrounding cars. Although nobody was injured in this instance, including the deer, the evasive maneuver was reportedly

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04 Jun 2020

Tesla In Taiwan Crashes Directly Into Overturned Truck, Ignores Pedestrian, With Autopilot On

Disturbing video footage from Taiwan shows a Tesla crack in which the vehicle, allegedly in autopilot mode, drives directly into the top of a large truck laying on its side and straddling several lanes of a freeway. The driver involved in the accident claims that the vehicle was in autopilot

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26 Feb 2020

Tesla Crash Investigators Slam Autopilot Deficiencies, Lack Of U.S. Rules For ‘Partially Automated’ Cars

US safety investigators have been analyzing four different accidents occurring in Tesla cars in which drivers were using the company’s Autopilot feature. The accidents are highly critical of the system’s technical limitations and highlight the Transportation Department’s failure to enact laws for these partially automated driving systems. One of the

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