23 Jun 2022

Autonomous Everything: The First Autonomous Ship Crosses the Atlantic Ocean

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project (MAS400) is a collaboration between ProMare and IBM Research.  The project is also affiliated with the Submergence Group, A U.K. company that “designs and manufactures manned and unmanned submersibles. In a voyage lasting 40 days and conquering approximately 3,500 unmanned miles at sea, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship arrived in North America in Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 5, 2022…with no human captain or onboard crew, MAS is the first self-directed autonomous ship with technology that is scalable and extendible to traverse the Atlantic Ocean.” 

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17 May 2022

Opportunities for Advantage: A Real-Time, Precise, Accurate, Interoperable OS for Autonomous Systems

In the OODA Almanac 2022, OODA CEO Matt Devost provided our initial position for the exploration of “Autonomous Everything” throughout the 2022 calendar year of OODA Loop research and analysis: “Every year more robots enter our businesses and private lives. Emerging examples include Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) capability (which leverages advanced computer vision, machine learning, neural networks, and control of a self-contained electric vehicle) or the humanoid robot called digit from Agility Robotics (that is designed to work with humans in a factory or retail environment). AI and machine learning will automate data analytics and improve IT-based workflows – and we expect improved support for automated workflows by complex physical and tech systems.” This post expands on this initial position and our ongoing research on the future of autonomous systems.

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