08 Oct 2021

BrewDog exposed data of 200,000 shareholders for over a year

According to PenTestPartners, BrewDog exposed the personally identifiable information of roughly 200,000 shareholders over the past 18 months. In the investigation and research into the security incident, BrewDog allegedly declined to informed their shareholders and asked not to be named. The Scottish brewery eventually implemented a hard-coded Bearer authentication token

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09 Mar 2020

Why Your Biometrics Are Your Best Password

Biometrics are becoming increasingly popular as the best form of verification because they’re easy to use, offer greater privacy and security, and are starting to be used across a mobile, desktop, and server devices. The security industry has been working on developing strong biometric password programs as the traditional password

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02 Mar 2020

Tiny cryptographic ID chip can help combat hardware counterfeiting

MIT researchers announced that they have developed a cryptographic ID tag that could help combat chain counterfeiting, which costs companies billions of dollars annually. The tech is small enough to fit on the majority of products and verify their authenticity. In a 2018 report, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and

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24 Feb 2020

PayPal ‘Critical’ Login Hack: New Report Warns You Are Now At Risk From Thieves

Over the past few weeks, PayPal has been hit with several cybersecurity incidents, including an authentication hack earlier this month in which an attacker could access an account once credentials had been phished, effectively bypassing the online payment giant’s authentication. Now, a new security report claims that PayPal’s entire authentication

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06 Sep 2019

New Technique Makes Passwords 14M Percent Harder to Crack, Nonprofit Claims

Security researchers at Tide, an Australian nonprofit, say they have developed a new method for securing login credentials that makes it almost infinitely more difficult to crack passwords using automated attacks such as dictionary attacks relying on lists of common usernames and passwords. The technique involves breaking up encrypted passwords

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01 Aug 2019

5 experimental cybersecurity trends your business needs to know about

A new report by CB Insights provides information on a number of emerging cybersecurity technologies that have the potential to help companies protect themselves against cyberattacks that are getting more and more sophisticated. Some of the technologies discussed in the report are already getting quite popular, but companies could also

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08 Jul 2019

Most organizations plan to adopt new authentication solutions within two years

A new MobileIron survey identifies a combination of mobile device authentication with biometric-based access as the best method for replacing passwords. The report also underscores the need for organization to get rid of passwords, since 90% of companies in the survey were put at risk last year as the result

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21 May 2019

Fifth of Docker Containers Have No Root Passwords

New research by Kenna Security found that Docker containers are often not protected with root passwords. Containers are standardized software units that allow software to be run in isolation, so that performance is not influenced by the underlying infrastructure. A security researcher found that 194 (19.4%) of the 1000 most

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01 Apr 2019

90% of large tech companies vulnerable to email spoofing

A new Valimail survey shows that the vast majority of organizations have not properly implemented open standards for email authentication, leaving 90% of firms vulnerable to spam and phishing attacks involving email spoofing. According to the survey, only 49% of companies keep Domain-based Message Reporting, Authentication & Conformance (DMARC) records,

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