07 Nov 2022

White Helmets accuse Russia over deadly strikes on camps

Syria’s military and its ally Russia have been accused of killing nine civilians in strikes on camps in the north-west of the country. First responders, the White Helmets said cluster bombs hit camps for displaced peoples in Idlib province on Sunday. Women and children were among those killed in the

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31 Oct 2022

Microsoft Authenticator gains feature to thwart spam attacks on MFA

Microsoft has launched a new number matching feature in push notifications to help bolster its multi-factor authentication. The feature applies to the MFA app, Microsoft Authenticator. The new feature is available now and should help combat attacks that rely on push notification spam, the company says. The new feature comes

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29 Jul 2022

Mali military says 15 soldiers, three civilians killed in separate ‘terrorist’ attacks

On Wednesday, Mali suffered from three separate terrorist attacks in which security forces reportedly killed scores of attackers. The attacks targeted towns and military outposts. During the incidents, six soldiers were killed and another 25 were injured. in addition, Malian soldiers killed 48 attackers and destroyed three vehicles containing weapons

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21 Apr 2022

More than 20 dead and injured in four blasts in Afghanistan

On Thursday, dozens of people were killed or injured in a series of explosions that tore through the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. The first explosion occurred at a Shia mosque in the city and killed at least 11 people, according to officials. The Islamic State Group (IS) took responsibility for

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05 Nov 2021

Sixty-nine killed in attack in southwest Niger, says government

A wave of violence against citizens of Niger now includes an attack in a remote area of southwest Niger where gunmen killed 69 people, including a mayor. A delegation held by the mayor of Banibangou was attacked on Tuesday near the border with Mali. The area is teeming with militants

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24 Sep 2021

Islamic State Attacks in Eastern Afghanistan Challenge Taliban Rule

The Islamic State’s regional affiliate is challenging the Taliban’s control of Afghanistan as a group of attacks killed at least five people in the Nangarhar province on Wednesday. The attacks included at least two bombings and a gun attack in Jalalabad. At least two Taliban fighters and a civilian were

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14 May 2021

Heavy artillery fire on Gaza escalates violence as clashes between Arabs and Jews rock Israeli cities

On Friday morning, Gaza experienced heavy artillery fire amid reports that the Israeli army had launched a ground invasion of the strip. However, those reports have since been conclusively denied. Yesterday, the combination of an army tweet and the gunfire led many news organizations to report that a ground war

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06 May 2021

Gunmen shoot dead former news anchor in Afghanistan’s Kandahar

On Tuesday, provincial officials from Afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar reported that gunmen shot dead a finance ministry employee and a former news anchor in the latest event in a series of attacks. Journalists, civil society activists, government officials, and judges have been targeted by terrorist attacks over the past

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30 Apr 2021

UN: Nearly 30,000 fled attacks in Mozambique’s Palma since March

The United Nations has said that tens of thousands of people have fled the town of Palma in Mozambique following attacks last month. Approximately 30,000 people fled Palama since the fighters linked to ISIS raided the town on March 24. The raids marked an intensification in the violence that has

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07 Apr 2021

Nigeria Prison Attack Frees 1,800 Inmates

In Nigeria, more than 1,800 prison inmates escaped from a southeast prison after it was attacked by gunmen on Monday. The incident has raised new fears that an armed insurrection is building in the region, which is a majority Christian part of the country. In the north, the Muslim-dominated region

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