03 Dec 2021

AT&T Takes Steps to Mitigate Botnet Found Inside Its Network

AT&T is currently facing a modular malware called EwDoor on 5,700 VoIP servers that route traffic from enterprise customers to upstream mobile providers. Researchers from NetLab first discovered the botnet attacking Edgewater Networks devices and leveraging a vulnerability in the EdgeMarc Enterprise Session Border Controllers. The flaw is tracked as

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28 Oct 2021

AT&T and H2O.ai Launch Co-Developed Artificial Intelligence Feature Store with Industry-First Capabilities

H2O AI Feature Store, currently in production use at AT&T, delivers a repository for collaborating, sharing, reusing, and discovering machine learning features to speed AI project deployments, improve ROI and is now available to any company or organization. AT&T and H2O.ai jointly built an artificial intelligence (AI) feature store to

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24 Aug 2021

AT&T Denies Data Breach

AT&T is denying claims made by ShinyHunters that the personal data of 70 million customers has been stolen. ShinyHunter’s previous exploits have affected the likes of Microsoft, Dave, Tokopedia, Pixlr, Mashable, and Havenly, among others. ShinyHunter announced the breach on an underground hacking forum earlier this month. The threat group

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04 Feb 2021

VA Partners with AT&T to Extend its 5G Experimentation

The Veterans Affairs Department (VA) has announced it is expanding its 5G footprint to the Seattle Puget Sound Health Care System. The expansion is made possible through a partnership between the VA and AT&T. The health care hub will capitalize on the technology with experiments in telemedicine, wearables, and virtual

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17 Mar 2020

AT&T And Free Conferencing Are Facing Off As COVID-19, Primaries Boost Telecom Demands

Last September, the FCC released a new order that provided methods for call-routing and access arbitrage. However, the Free Conferencing Corporation has claimed its US customers have experienced unexpected charges or have been unable to dial into the site’s conference lines after the order’s implementation. FreeConferenceCall.com is one of the

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28 Feb 2020

FCC Probe Finds Mobile Carriers Didn’t Safeguard Customer Location Data

Earlier this month, the FCC notified cellphone carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and others that they are facing hundreds of millions in fines after the FCC conducted an investigation that found that the companies failed to safeguard information regarding customers’ real-time locations. The FCC informed the carriers of pending notices

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12 Nov 2019

Report Reveals Businesses Aren’t Ready for 5G

AT&T recently published a Cybersecurity Insights Report, which found that many businesses are not prepared for a data acceleration to 5G. The report states that enterprises are lacking the expansion of virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities. Only 16% of survey respondents said they have already began preparing for 5G

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11 Sep 2019

Tech giants ask Congress for a data privacy bill to bypass state laws

A joint letter by the CEOs of over 50 companies, including Amazon and AT&T, calls on the United States Congress to create federal data privacy legislation to “strengthen consumer trust and establish a stable policy environment.” While this may sound like a great initiative, consumer privacy advocates say that the

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07 Aug 2019

Pakistani Man Bribed AT&T Employees to Unlock Phones, Plant Malware

The US Justice Department has indicted a Pakistani man named Muhammad Fahd for paying around $1 million in bribes to AT&T employees at a call center in Bothell, Washington to unlock phones and infect the telecommunications giant’s network with malware. The insiders fraudulently unlocked more than 2 million devices between

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