28 Jan 2021

Research Center Preps for $35M Supercomputer to Study Earth as a Complex System

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) announced that it plans to reveal a powerful supercomputer in 2021 that will aid researchers seeking to study a nascent branch of science the ability to gain a more comprehensive idea of the Earth system as well as analyze phenomena like solar storms,

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24 Apr 2020

Air pollution in northern India has hit a 20-year low, NASA report says

Over the past several years, India, particularly New Delhi, has been experiencing hazardous levels of air pollution during the winter season. However, according to NASA, due to the nationwide coronavirus lockdown, the air pollution levels in the capital city of New Delhi have dropped to a 20 year low. NASA

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03 Feb 2020

The Defense Department Wants to Use the Atmosphere as a Sensor

The Pentagon unveiled plans to explore projects that use the atmosphere as a sensor that detects potential disruptions to the planet. On Thursday, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Defense Sciences Office will hold a small conference to initiate the program, named AtmoSense. A spokesperson stated that the project seeks

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