22 Aug 2022

Hackers steal crypto from Bitcoin ATMs by exploiting zero-day bug

Hackers have exploited a zero-day vulnerability in General Bytes Bitcoin ATM servers to steal cryptocurrency from customers. When customers would deposit or purchase cryptocurrency via the ATM, the funds would instead be siphoned off by the hackers. General Bytes is the manufacturer of Bitcoin ATMs that, depending on the product, allow

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12 Jan 2022

GAO Report Suggests Tightening Regulations on Crypto ATMs

As regulators worldwide consider ways to police cryptocurrency, the U.S. reports use of crypto payments to enable illegal human and drug trafficking is on the rise. In its 80-page report “Virtual Currencies: Additional Information Could Improve Federal Agency Efforts to Counter Human and Drug Trafficking,” the Government Accountability Office (GAO),

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22 Oct 2021

Walmart Has Quietly Begun Hosting Bitcoin ATMs

Walmart, the world’s largest company by revenue, is letting customers buy bitcoin at dozens of its U.S. stores. Shoppers can purchase the cryptocurrency at Coinstar machines inside the retailer’s cavernous big box stores. A CoinDesk editor verified that the service works, buying a small amount of BTC at a Pennsylvania Walmart

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12 May 2020

Ransomware Hit ATM Giant Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf has publicly disclosed that it suffered from a ransomware attack on April 25 that resulted in disrupted operations. However, the ATM giant has stated that the intrusion only affected its corporate network rather than its ATMs or customer networks. The company is the largest ATM provider in the

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14 Oct 2019

FIN7 Hackers Load New RAT Malware Into ATM Maker’s Software

New research by FireEye’s Mandiant group shows that the infamous FIN7 cybercrime group is using new hacking tools in order to target ATMs produced by NCR Corporation. The new tools include a malware dropper called BOOSTWRITE that is designed to deliver multiple payloads. The malware delivered by BOOSTWRITE consists of

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24 Sep 2019

North Korean hackers are targeting ATMs in India with new data-stealing malware

Cybersecurity researchers with Kaspersky Lab say that hackers working for the North Korean government have been targeting ATM machines in India with a new strain of payment card skimming malware. The campaign has been active since last summer. The malware used in the attacks is called ATMDTrack, which is linked to

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12 Apr 2019

Criminals are Targeting ATM Machines with Explosives

With ATM hacking and credit card skimming becoming more easily prevented and detected, some criminals are resorting to the use of explosive breaches to target ATM machines.

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21 Feb 2019

ATM Hacking Has Gotten So Easy, the Malware’s a Game

A new report by Kaspersky Lab describes WinPot, a new malware strain designed for “ATM jackpotting” attacks, in which cyber criminals get ATMs to spit out cash. The striking thing about WinPot is that the interface is designed to look similar to a slot machine, as if to underline that plundering cash

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19 Nov 2018

Most ATMs can be hacked in under 20 minutes

“An extensive testing session carried out by bank security experts at Positive Technologies has revealed that most ATMs can be hacked in under 20 minutes, and even less, in certain types of attacks. Experts tested ATMs from NCR, Diebold Nixdorf, and GRGBanking, and detailed their findings in a 22-page report

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