20 Jun 2022

Atlassian Confluence Server Bug Under Active Attack to Distribute Ransomware

A recently disclosed critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in Atlassian’s Confluence Server collaboration platform is now under active attack, in a spate of attacks bent on deploying a variety of malware, including ransomware. Researchers from Sophos have observed several attacks over the past two weeks in which attackers used automated

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07 Jun 2022

Attackers Use Public Exploits to Throttle Atlassian Confluence Flaw

Threat actors are leveraging public exploits to utilize a critical zero-day remote code execution that affects all versions of a popular collaboration tools called Atlassian. Atlassian is used in cloud and hybrid server environments. The flaw reportedly allows for complete host takeover, making it a very serious threat. Researchers from

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23 Jul 2021

Atlassian Patches Critical Vulnerability in Jira Data Center Products

On Wednesday, Atlassian, software development and collaboration solutions provider, informed its customers that it had effectively patched a serious vulnerability regarding critical code execution that was plaguing some of its Jira products. Atlassian stated that the bugs were discovered by one of its security researchers, who found that the Jira

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24 Jun 2021

One-click account takeover vulnerabilities in Atlassian domains patched

Check Point Research released a report on a series of vulnerabilities in Atlassian that have since been patched, stating that the bugs were found in the software solution provider’s online domains, used by thousands of enterprise clients worldwide. The vendor is based in Australia and provides tools such as Confluence,

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