28 Jul 2020

China’s Muslim Uighurs Are Stuck in U.S. Immigration Limbo

Hundreds of Chinese Uighurs awaiting asylum in the US are stuck in China. Roughly two years ago, the American public was made aware of Chinese mistreatment towards Uighur Muslims, and the issues have escalated since. China has allegedly been gathering information on the Uighur minority through hacking phones and devices,

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21 May 2020

Greek Police Are Rounding Up Asylum Seekers and Forcing Them Into Turkey, Migrants Say

According to migrants and sources at the forefront of Greece’s immigration crisis, the Greek police have been grouping together asylum seekers living in the country as they await their asylum and expelling them to Turkey by force. Lawyers, human rights activists, and migrants have filed accounts of this occurrence. In

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20 Nov 2018

Germany plans to fast-track deportations of failed asylum-seekers

Years after Germany accepted nearly 900,000 refugees in 2015 alone as part of Merkel’s open-door policy, the country continues to work on the practical aspects of sorting and integrating or expelling asylum-seekers and other immigrants. Most recently, the German Interior Ministry announced plans to accelerate the deportation of failed asylum

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