03 Jan 2019

Colombia Investigates a Possible Plot to Assassinate President, Official Says

“Colombia is investigating a possible plot to assassinate President Ivan Duque that may involve Venezuelan nationals arrested while carrying ‘weapons of war,’ according to a top official. Without providing evidence or any further details, Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes posted a 90-second video on Twitter Saturday night that said Colombia’s intelligence

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09 Nov 2018

Police arrest far-right extremist in plot to kill Spanish Prime Minister

Spanish police have arrested a far-right extremist with a history of mental illness in north-eastern Spain for plotting to assassinate the Prime Minister. Police uncovered a cache of sixteen firearms at the suspect’s home. The police were alerted by friends of the suspect who indicated that the suspect told them

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22 Oct 2018

Taliban Assassins threaten multibillion-dollar US efforts to keep Afghan airmen flying

The Taliban is training assassins and using them to target Afghanistan’s tiny number of trained airmen, personnel that are of great importance to Afghanistan’s counter-Taliban efforts and that have been trained at great cost to the U.S. The U.S. is currently spending $11.4 billion dollars to modernize the Afghani Air

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