01 May 2019

Robotics startup Anki shuts down after burning through almost $200 million

San Francisco-based robotics startup Anki has closed up shop after a recent round of funding failed and companies that had show interest in acquiring the firm, such as Amazon, Comcast and Microsoft, did not step up. Since it was established in 2010, Anki secured $200 million in funding, allowing it

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26 Apr 2019

How AI Could Change The Art Of War

At a recent US Army War College conference, defense experts discussed how the use of increasingly complex artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for national defense purposes complicates the nature of command. Because AI can think in ways that humans cannot, which is the whole point of developing it, soldiers, military commanders

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24 Apr 2019

Academics hide humans from surveillance cameras with 2D prints

Surveillance systems that use machine learning (ML) algorithms to identify people and objects are becoming increasingly widespread across the glober. However, new research by a group of Belgium academics highlights the significant shortcomings that still affect these systems, as the researchers were able to avoid detection by surveillance algorithms simply

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12 Apr 2019

EU beats Google to the punch in setting strategy for ethical A.I.

Earlier this week, the European Union published a possible strategy for making ethics a fundamental part of artificial intelligence (AI) research and development. According to European Commissioner Andrus Ansip, “[t]he ethical dimension of AI is not a luxury feature or an add-on.” Instead, he believes that “[i]t is only with

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10 Apr 2019

Get Ready for the First Wave of AI Malware

With the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology shaping the digital world at an increasing pace, Gunter Ollmann, CSO of Microsoft’s Cloud and AI Security division, expects that the first examples of AI-driven malware will emerge in the next two to three years. He outlines 6 different capabilities of AI

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09 Apr 2019

Europe Thinks Ethics Is the Key to Winning the A.I. Race. Not Everyone Is Convinced

The European Commission (EC), which is the executive branch of the European Union (EU), is launching a pilot of ethical guidelines for the development of artificial intelligence (AI). The guidelines were developed by a diverse team of AI experts including some from the private sector and the academic sector. The

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04 Apr 2019

7 Indicators Of The State-Of-Artificial Intelligence

Recent research and news on the state of artificial intelligence (AI) highlights seven important trends: Chinese AI researchers are set to overtake their US counterparts in terms of the number of published scientific papers that have a significant impact on the field. The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence predicts that

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02 Apr 2019

Researchers Trick Tesla to Drive into Oncoming Traffic

A new study by Tencent’s Keen Security Lab underscores that recent warnings by artificial intelligence (AI) experts about the risks of adversarial machine learning are more than justified. After studying how the Enhanced Autopilot driver-assistance system used in Tesla vehicles reads and processes environmental data in order to determine when

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01 Apr 2019

How malevolent machine learning could derail AI

While artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the technologies that people and organizations rely on in virtually any field, AI security expert Dawn Song warns that threat actors can cause great harm by abusing AI solutions through what is known as “adversarial machine learning.” As scientists develop increasingly

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01 Apr 2019

NIST’s Ron Ross on the state of cyber: ‘We literally are hemorrhaging critical information’

According to Ron Ross of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the US government is “literally […] hemorrhaging critical information about key programs” as a result of attacks by state-backed hackers from countries like China, Russia and Iran. Ross doesn’t believe that government revisions of security standards, such as

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