04 Jan 2021

Army Research Lab Announces Acquisition of Two New Supercomputers

The Defense Department has added two new supercomputers to its arsenal, announcing the acquisition earlier this week. The computers will seek to establish a cumulative capability of more than 23 petaflops of performance. The agency believes that the supercomputers will enter production service at some point in mid-2021. The supercomputers

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22 Dec 2020

Researchers Sent ‘Smart Fabric’ Capable of Detecting Microscopic Vibrations to Space

Emerging technology has been deployed to space, according to the Army Combat Capabilities Development Command. The new device is a fabric that can detect microscopic vibrations and could allow soldiers to measure their heart rates at any time. The device could also be used in pressurized spacesuits to allow astronauts

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09 Dec 2020

French army gets ethical go-ahead for bionic soldiers

On Tuesday, a French military ethics committee released a report following a decision to allow the French armed forces to develop augmented soldiers. The report considers medical treatments, prosthetics, and implants to improve physical cognitive, psychological, and perceptive capacities. The technology could also allow for enhanced tracking or connectivity of

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09 Dec 2020

Army Looks to Launch Next-Level, Automated Warehouse at Fort Hood

The Army is seeking to transform an existing Supply Support Activity warehouse in Fort Hood into a model of technology use to be implemented in other locations. The warehouse will tap into artificial intelligence, robotics, and other cutting edge technology to speed up operations and reduce the workload on staff.

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02 Nov 2020

Army Picks Fitbit to Develop Wearable Presymptom COVID-19 Detectors

Following a solicitation from the US Army for wearable technology that can predict COVID-19 symptoms in the very early stages and possibly before they begin showing, the Army has awarded the contract to Fitbit. The contract was awarded through the Army’s Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium, which released the request for

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11 Sep 2020

DoD Intentions With Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems for Ground Forces

Unmanned ground systems have been around and in use in DoD for decades. They were used throughout WWII for various functions considered too dangerous for humans, like demolition missions or advancing on a battle front to draw enemy fire. What’s exciting today is the explosion of possibilities as we couple artificial intelligence with modern day sensors and a versatile all-terrain ground platform. The FY21 President’s Budget dedicates serious funding to the R&D of Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems (IRAS). Systems that can perform autonomously, make intelligent decisions based on what they “sense” and carry our successful missions (with or without a human in the mix) are critical to DoD’s strategy over the next decade.

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05 May 2020

The Army Wants a Wearable COVID-19 Detector

The Army released a request for project proposals on Monday that seeks wearable technology that has the capability to detect COVID-19 infections in the early stages. The Army is aiming to fast-track the development of the wearable detection technology to predict information and alert the individual wearing the gear. The

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22 Apr 2020

Army Wants to Study How Humans Team With AI—And Vice Versa

On Monday, the Army Research Laboratory sent out a presolicitation notice seeking to explore Human-Agent Teaming Research and Engineering Services contract to study the interactions between soldiers and AI, using the information to improve the training regimen for both humans and machines. The Army reportedly plans to award the contract

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16 Mar 2020

US Scraps Missiles Over Cybersecurity Concerns

The US has allegedly abandoned plans to introduce a new missile system over cybersecurity fears, including that it may not be adequately secure. The system is Israeli-made and cost the US $373 million to purchase two batteries of the Iron Dome missiles last year. The US planned to spend another

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10 Feb 2020

Two U.S. Service Members Killed in Eastern Afghanistan

On Saturday, two American service members were killed and six other US military personnel were wounded in eastern Afghanistan after an incident with an Afghan soldier. The attack occurred in the Nangarhar province where the US and Afghan forces have been working together to combat the Taliban and Islamic State

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