08 May 2019

Russian cyberspies are using one hell of a clever Microsoft Exchange backdoor

Notorious Russian hacking group Turla is using a highly sophisticated backdoor as part of a cyber espionage campaign targeting email servers, ESET researchers have discovered. The backdoor, dubbed LightNeuron, is the first of its kind “to be directly integrated into the working flow of Microsoft Exchange,” one of the researchers

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28 Feb 2019

Attackers continue to enhance their performance, apply smart business techniques

A new report by Netscout indicates that the global threat landscape in the second half of 2018 was characterized by “attacks on steroids.” Over that period, the company tracked 35 advanced persistent threat APT) groups and noticed that groups supported by states such as China, Iran, North Korea and Russia

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04 Feb 2019

Chafer APT Takes Aim at Diplomats in Iran with Improved Custom Malware

New research from Kaspersky Lab sheds light on a cyber-espionage campaign conducted by Chafer, an Iranian Advanced Persistent Threat (ATP). Throughout autumn of last year, the threat group carried out attacks against embassies in Iran involving a custom version of the Remexi spyware. Remexi can log keystrokes, take screenshots and

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21 Jan 2019

DarkHydrus abuses Google Drive to spread RogueRobin Trojan

Researchers with the 360 Threat Intelligence Center (360TIC) have spotted a new attack campaign by the DarkHydrus advanced persistent threat (APT) group, also called Lazy Meerkat, which goes after political targets in the Middle East. DarkHydrus is known for targeting victims with spear-phishing emails and is currently spreading the RogueRobin backdoor Trojan through malicious Microsoft

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16 Jan 2019

Researchers Link Chilean Interbank Attack to North Korea

Flashpoint research indicates that a December 2018 cyberattack targeting Redbanc, a Chilean interbank network, may have been the work of the advanced persistent threat group Lazarus, which has been linked to the North Korean government. Researchers based their assumption on the fact that the attackers used PowerRatankba, a malware toolkit that has

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11 May 2018

Three Critical Factors Increasing Cyber Risk for 2019

What cyber threat do China, Russia, and Iran present for the remainder of 2018 and 2019? Matt Devost provides some insight into the geopolitical elements influencing that answer.

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05 Apr 2016

Energy sector penetrated by advanced cyber attackers 17 times according to DHS

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