24 Jun 2021

79% of Third-Party Libraries in Apps Are Never Updated

According to a recent analysis conducted by Veracode, 79% of third-party libraries are never updated after including them in a codebase. Most libraries can be easily updated without disrupting application functionality, according to Veracode. However, the company analyzed the results of 13 million scans of 86,000 customer repositories containing more

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22 Jun 2021

Fifth of Google Play Apps Violate Child Protection Law

A recent study by consumer rights firm Comparitech found that one in five apps available on the Google Play Store that are designed for children break federal law regarding child protection. Comparitech analyzed the top 300 free and top 200 paid apps on the marketplace under the children and family

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20 May 2021

Android apps exposed data of millions of users through cloud authentication failures

Check Point Research published a report on Thursday detailing Android apps that contain critical cloud misconfiguration that allow for the potential exposure of data belonging to 100 million users. The report states that 23 popular mobile apps contain a variety of misconfiguration of third-party cloud services, which are widely used

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13 Nov 2020

The iOS Covid App Ecosystem Has Become a Privacy Minefield

Jonathan Albright, the director of Digital Forensics Initiative at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, has released the product of his months-long analysis of 493 Covid-related iOS apps. The apps range from telehealth consultations to contact tracing, gathering sensitive user information in the process. 359 of those apps contained features

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04 Feb 2019

Google pulls these 29 bogus photo apps that led millions to porn, phishing sites

Once again, security researchers have found a collection of malicious apps in the Google Play Store. Google has removed the 29 apps that had been downloaded more than four millions times in total. Trend Micro discovered the apps, many of which served users with tons of adds, including full-screen adds

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09 Jan 2019

85 Adware Apps in Google Play Installed 9 Million Times

Once again criminals have managed to sneak malicious apps onto the Google Play Store. Trend Micro researchers discovered a whopping 85 adware apps accounting for over 9 million total downloads. The apps would serve an excessive amount of ads, including hidden ads running in the background. While the apps had

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