08 Mar 2021

New Report States Apple Will Release Mixed Reality Headset in 2022 and AR Glasses by 2025

There has been excitement and news headlines over Apple’s plans to venture into augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. However, projected dates for these devices’ release have been announced by prognosticator Ming Chi-Kuo. Kuo allegedly obtained access to a research note originating from TF International Securities stating that Apple plans to

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19 Feb 2021

Mac Malware Targeting Apple’s M1 Chip Emerges

A cybersecurity researcher named Patrick Wardle has uncovered the first piece of Mac malware that was potentially created specifically for devices running on Apple’s brand new M1 chip. Wardle specializes in Apple products and has created several open-source security tools for the brand. Wardle found the malware when rebuilding tools

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27 Jan 2021

Apple Ships Emergency Fixes for Under-Attack iOS Zero-Day

On Tuesday, Apple released two emergency patches for iOS and iPad OS platforms due to indications that the three security vulnerabilities were under attack by threat actors. The patches are currently being implemented through automatic updating mechanisms as it is critical that Apple users install the fixes. Apple did not

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25 Jan 2021

Alphabet Shuts Down Loon

Alphabet has pulled the plug on its plan to bring internet access to remote areas via balloons. Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly working on a new MacBook Air. The project started out as an experiment conducted by Apple’s parent company before breaking off into its own entity in 2018. Although the

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25 Jan 2021

Apple Supplier Foxconn To Build $270 Million Plant In Vietnam Amid U.S.-China Tensions

Foxconn Technology, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer that supplies products for Apple recently received a license from the Vietnamese government to build a $270 million plant in the country despite US-China tensions. The plant will manufacture Apple laptops and tablets in the Southeast Asian nation in the rural province of Bac

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30 Dec 2020

Apple supplier Lens Technology accused of using forced Uighur labor

Lens Technology, a Chinese supplier of consumer electronics components for brands such as Apple, has been accused of capitalizing on Uighur Muslim detention in China and using forced labor workers to produce the tech. A report from Tech Transparency details the accusation, claiming that the workers were paid little to

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16 Dec 2020

Apple’s App ‘Privacy Labels’ Are Here—and They’re a Big Step Forward

As of today, apps up for purchase in the Mac and iOS app stores will feature mandatory security labels that offer users a rundown of privacy policies. It’s Apple’s most bold and visible move yet to offer consumers more transparency and warn them about what data every app collects, and

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03 Dec 2020

Foxconn to shift some Apple production to Vietnam to minimise China risk

At the request of Apple Inc., Foxconn is moving the production of iPads and MacBooks from China to Vietnam, allegedly to mitigate the risks presented by China and the Sino-US trade war. Apple is seeking to diversify its production and move a significant portion of its overseas assembly from China

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16 Nov 2020

Apple Issues Security Updates

Apple has recently released three critical security updates affecting macOS Big Sur 11.0, macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, and macOS Mojave 10.14.6. The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced the patches in a notice released earlier this week urging consumers to update their devices as soon

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13 Oct 2020

Wormable Apple iCloud Bug Allows Automatic Photo Theft

Ethical hackers have reportedly been earning large payouts from Apple’s bug bounty program for their involvement in discovering 55 bugs during a three-month hack that exposed a wormable Apple iCloud vulnerability that could be exploited for photo theft. The ethical hackers searched through Apple’s infrastructure and systems, discovering a total

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