16 Dec 2020

Apple’s App ‘Privacy Labels’ Are Here—and They’re a Big Step Forward

As of today, apps up for purchase in the Mac and iOS app stores will feature mandatory security labels that offer users a rundown of privacy policies. It’s Apple’s most bold and visible move yet to offer consumers more transparency and warn them about what data every app collects, and

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25 Aug 2020

Malicious Chinese SDK In 1,200 iOS Apps With Billions Of Installs Causing ‘Major Privacy Concerns To Hundreds Of Millions Of Consumers’

New research uncovers shocking information that a Chinese ad network called Mintegral has been spying on user activity and committing ad fraud through over 1,200 applications. The applications have over 300 million installs per month since July of 2019, meaning that this issue likely impacts billions of total app installs

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26 May 2020

70 Percent of Mobile, Desktop Apps Contain Open-Source Bugs

Veracode’s annual State of Software Security report has revealed that researchers found 70 percent of applications available online contain at least one security flaw stemming from the use of an open-source library. This can arguably be attributed to a lack of awareness about where and how open source libraries are

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15 Jan 2020

Google removes WhatsGap from app store

Tech and search engine giant Google recently removed a popular Hong Kong pro-democracy mapping app from its app store. WhatsGap is an app that identifies retailers in support of Hong Kong’s democracy. Google stated that the removal of the app from the store was sparked by a recent influx of

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