15 Feb 2019

How Cyber Command’s plan to ‘frustrate’ hackers is working

According to a recent testimony by the head of U.S. Cyber Command before the Senate Armed Services Committee, the organization has been increasing its cyber operations across the globe with success, guided by the philosophy of ‘defending forward.’ “In practice, this means confronting our adversaries from where they launch cyberattacks and

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12 Oct 2018

Burkina Faso attacks open new front in France’s anti-terror fight

“An alarming increase in deadly jihadist attacks has led to expanded French military action in Burkina Faso, a marked shift after years of reticence by the west African nation to call in help from its former colonial master. Until now France’s 4,500-member Barkhane anti-terror force in West and Central Africa

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04 Sep 2018

U.S. Cuts $300 Million In Aid To Pakistan; Says It’s Failing To Fight Militants

The U.S. announce the suspension of $300 million in funding to Pakistan, citing the government’s failure to fight terrorism. Under the DoD 2018 Appropriations Act, Pakistan will not receive funding for defense operations unless both the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense certify that the country is “cooperating with

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16 Jul 2018

French Prime Minister unveils new anti-terror measures

Highlighting the increased threat of terrorists radicalized in jails, online, and elsewhere, the French Prime Minister emphasized the necessity of the 32 new anti-terror measures in France that are adapted to the evolving threats. The measures create a new terrorism prosecutor’s office and reorganizes counterterrorism operations, among others that target

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01 Jun 2018

Global Train and Equip counter-terrorism programs ridden with “stunning failures”

Since 2006, the U.S. has invested billions of dollars into anti-terrorism capacity building around the world. But according to a recent Government Accountability Office report, the implementation, effectiveness, and sustainability of the programs are questionable. Given reasons for the failures include program design, procurement, follow-through failures among partner nations, staffing

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12 Oct 2013

A Self Help Guide to Anti-terrorism

As recent events have shown, terrorists have reached new levels of organization, sophistication, and violence, often targeting DoD personnel and their families. Their tactics and techniques are always changing and will continue to be a challenge to predict and neutralize. Accordingly, we must remain diligent in applying the proper protective

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20 Jul 2011

DoD Antiterrorism Handbook

This Handbook is reissued under the authority of DoD Directive 2000.12, “DoD Antiterrorism (AT) Program,” August 18, 2003 (reference (a)). It provides procedures and recommendations for reducing the risk and vulnerability of DoD personnel, their family members, facilities, and assets from acts of terrorism. DOD Anti-terrorism Handbook

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