03 Jun 2020

Hackers and hucksters reinvigorate ‘Anonymous’ brand amid protests

Anonymous is well known for its effective hacktivism through Denial of Service DDoS attacks that make strong statements and temporarily shut down sites and payment processors. The group has been off the grid for roughly three years but has since been accredited for cyberattacks against the Minneapolis police department and

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01 Jun 2020

Anonymous Hackers Threaten To Expose The Many Crimes Of Minneapolis Police

A well-known hacktivist group by the name of Anonymous has allegedly resurfaced over the weekend, claiming to have secret information on pressing government controversy, as well as taking the Minneapolis PD website offline. The actions were taken in the wake of widespread protests over the death of George Floyd on

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30 Oct 2018

Anonymous hacks Gabon’s government websites

Anonymous claimed the recent hack of over 70 Gabon government websites, citing the dictatorial government as the reason and target. The current government of Gabon has been controlled by the family of current President Ali Bongo for almost 50 years. The country saw elections on Saturday, with the current administration

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22 Jan 2012

Hacker group Anonymous takes down major website

“It appears the hacker collective Anonymous has struck again. This time, the hack took out CBS.com and UniversalMusic.com as well as several websites outside the country. According to several internet blogs and a post on the hacker group’s twitter feed, the entire CBS website was reduced to just a single

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