24 Jun 2021

UK plays down Crimean naval confrontation while Russia says ‘London has lost its manners’

On Thursday, a UK government minister announced that Britain was prepared to sail naval vessels through disputed waters near Crimea again. The statement comes just a day after a confrontation between a British warship and Russian forces in the Black Sea, sparking conflicting stories from both parties. Environment Secretary George

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24 Jun 2020

Israel’s Netanyahu Tries to Rally Support for Annexation Amid International Criticism

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is planning on rallying domestic support for his annexation plan, which draws out an area of the currently occupied West Bank. According to an internal party note, Netanyahu stated that the move would secure Israeli settlements despite divisions amongst his coalition over how to proceed.

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20 May 2020

Palestinians ‘ending accords with Israel and US’ over annexation plan

Mahmud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President, has announced he will end all agreements with the US and Israel in response to Israel’s plans to annex parts of the West Bank. Abbas stated that Israel will now be forced to bear all the responsibilities of an occupying power. However, similar warnings made

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