27 Sep 2022

What we can learn about the future of digital assets regulation from recent US government reports

On 16 September the White House released the Comprehensive Framework for Responsible Development of Digital Assets, offering recommendations designed to protect consumers, advance sustainability efforts, and further national security. A response to President Biden’s March 2022 Executive Order (EO) on cryptocurrency, which called upon federal agencies to produce a total

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26 Aug 2022

How the Market, Not Government, Regulates Cryptocurrency Crimes

While policymakers have been busy formulating sweeping changes and regulators have been busy debating jurisdiction, some participants in the cryptocurrency industry have been busy regulating the space themselves. And considering that all too often the word “regulation” follows the word “government,” we shouldn’t be too quick to overlook the fact

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26 Jul 2022

How governments seize millions in stolen cryptocurrency

There have been so many recent multimillion-dollar cryptocurrency thefts that it’s easy to lose track. Organized crime, bad cybersecurity, financially motivated spies, and colorful criminals of all kinds have made so many headlines that even huge heists can go mostly unnoticed by the public. But sometimes the government is able

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09 Jun 2022

Russia’s Use Of Cyberattacks: Lessons From The Second Ukraine War – Analysis

Russia, probably more than any other leading power, launches cyberattacks against other countries as a matter of routine. Sometimes, Russian cyberattacks accompany military action, as in the current war in Ukraine. At other times, Moscow uses cyberattacks to disrupt or weaken societies, for instance during the 2016 US Presidential election.

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19 May 2022

Axie Infinity hack highlights DPRK cryptocurrency heists

Despite how enormous it was, the Axie Infinity heist marked only the latest chapter in the story of North Korean financial cybercrime. Sky Mavis, the developer of popular nonfungible token (NFT) video game Axie Infinity, lost hundreds of millions of dollars in assets when they were stolen by hackers on March

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09 Mar 2022

Intelligence Gathering Tools and Analysis, Strategic Thinking and Uncertainty

We continue our effort to underscore certain patterns and themes found throughout the OODAcast library of over 80 conversations with leaders and decision-makers, on topics such as leadership, empowering a team, finding the right people, clear decision-making while operating in a low information environment, the qualities and best practices of a true leader,  the future of intelligence, the future of cyber threats and cyber espionage and strategic action.

In May of 2020, OODA CTO Bob Gourley had an OODAcast conversation with Carmen Medina, who served 32 years in senior positions at the Central Intelligence Agency, most of which focused on one of the hardest tasks in the community, that of analysis. Bob and Carmen discuss information-gathering and intelligence tools, uncertainty, and decision-making.  The conversation is also interesting as a time capsule from the May 2020 timeframe of the pandemic:  before the vaccine, before variant surges, before the 900,000 plus death toll.  It is interesting to read now  – with the knowledge of how the uncertainty at the time Bob and Carmen spoke has now played out.

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16 Feb 2011

Using the “So What?” factor in analysis

I was working as an intelligence analyst for a fusion center early in my intelligence career.  During my daily reading I came across a piece of information that not only had a reliable source with great access, but also seemed to provide key intelligence information.  I quickly grabbed the report

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