30 Jun 2020

AWS Facial Recognition Platform Misidentified Over 100 Politicians As Criminals

Facial recognition technology continues to present privacy and security issues as it misidentifies people at an alarming rate. The technology is used by law enforcement agencies to make arrests, despite these identification errors. Consumer privacy expert Paul Bischoff found that Amazon’s face recognition platform mistook more than 100 photos of

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18 Jun 2020

Police Ties to Ring Home Surveillance Come Under Scrutiny

Civil liberties advocates are calling upon Amazon to end its partnerships with law enforcement agencies through its Ring home surveillance cameras. According to Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight for the Future, the camera registries will serve to exacerbate existing forms of discrimination. Fight for the Future is a civil

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15 Jun 2020

Microsoft Joins Ban on Sale of Facial Recognition Tech to Police

Microsoft has reportedly joined Amazon and IBM in blocking the sale of its facial recognition technology to law enforcement, pushing for federal laws that adequately address the issues present in the software and regulate the technology. On Thursday, Microsoft stated that the ban on facial recognition gear will stand until

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15 Jun 2020

Over 100,000 UK Security Cameras Could Be at Risk of Hacking

According to an investigation by cybersecurity firm Which?, more than 100,000 indoor security cameras across the UK may have critical flaws that leave them vulnerable to hacking. The wireless cameras that use the CamHi app are at risk of being spied on, data stolen, or other devices targeted. Many cameras

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11 Jun 2020

Amazon Won’t Let Police Use Its Facial-Recognition Tech for One Year

On Wednesday, Amazon announced that it plans to suspend police use of Rekognition, Amazon’s facial recognition technology, for one year. Over the past few years, facial recognition technology’s use in law enforcement has been heavily criticized for its potential implicit bias against communities of color and possibility for misuse by

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28 May 2020

Amazon Said To Be In Talks To Buy Self-Driving Startup Zoox

Amazon is allegedly in talks with self-driving car company Zoox, looking to expand into the autonomous vehicle world. Zoox is a developer of robotaxi technology that has reportedly received other offers besides Amazon’s. The purchase terms would value the startup below the estimated market value of $3.2 billion, which was

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13 May 2020

Amazon Launches Kendra To Solve Enterprise Search With AI

After first announcing its release of Amazon Kendra last December, Amazon has now declared the general availability of the AI and machine learning-powered enterprise search service. The technology will not be generally available to all AWS customers. With Amazon Kendra, the company aims to boost enterprise search efficiency through modern

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29 Apr 2020

Privacy Options Don’t Boost Trust in Voice Assistants

According to new research, giving users the option of adjusting privacy settings on voice assistants like Alexa does not ensure that consumers will increase their trust in the technology. A new study proves that it may even have an unfavorable effect. Researchers found that trust in Amazon Alexa went up

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07 Apr 2020

U.S. High Performance Computing Takes On COVID-19

The US Federal government has assembled a group of high-performance computing (HPC) resources for the disposal of researchers who are tirelessly looking for potential cures and treatments for the COVID-19 virus, which has claimed thousands of lives across the globe. HPC may be critical to finding a cure, as it

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06 Apr 2020

Russian telco hijacks internet traffic for Google, AWS, Cloudflare, and others

A Russian state-owned telecommunications provider intercepted internet traffic meant for 200 of the world’s biggest content delivery networks (CDNs) and cloud hosting providers. The telecommunications company, Rostelecom, affected more than 8,800 internet traffic routes in the incident. Impacted companies include Google, Amazon, Facebook, Akamai, Cloudflare, GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, Joyent, LeaseWeb,

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