22 May 2020

TSA Wants Passenger Self-Screening that Looks Like Grocery Store Self-Checkout

The Transportation Security Agency has partnered with the Homeland Security Department’s Science and Technology Directorate to explore self-security checkpoint options. The collaboration aims to create a system for airline passengers that allows customers to move through security checkpoints at their own speed, much like a self-checkout lane at a grocery

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02 Nov 2018

AI lie detector tests to get trial run at EU airports

“Passengers at some European airports will soon be questioned by artificial intelligence-powered lie detectors at border checkpoints, as a European Union trial of the technology is set to begin. Fliers will be asked a series of travel-related questions by a virtual border guard avatar, and artificial intelligence will monitor their

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17 Oct 2018

Is airport public Wi-Fi cyber-secure?

“A 2018 report published by security experts Coronet ranked the 45 busiest airports in the US in which passengers were most likely to be subject to a cyberattack, with San Diego International Airport coming in at the top of the list. And these risks weren’t minor. At San Diego alone,

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10 Jul 2018

Powders to be banned from hand luggage at UK airports

The UK has announced new restrictions for travelers flying with any kind of powders, whether instant coffee, make-up, or spices, aboard flights. The U.S., Australia, and New Zealand already treat powders in the same way as liquids, but the UK’s position on outright banning or severely limiting powdered substances has

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