14 Oct 2019

Planes, gates, and bags: How hackers can hijack your local airport

New research by Pen Test Partners sheds light on the many ways airport security systems can be compromised by hackers. Potential avenues for attack include: Crew passes: threat actors can use various techniques to steal or copy RF cards that provide airport personnel with access to restricted areas. Building management

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15 Apr 2019

Dangerous Drone Encounters Soared in 2018

A new report by the UK Airprox Board (UKAB) shows that the number of dangerous incidents that could have led to a collision between aircraft and drones surged from 91 in 2017 to 125 last year, a 34% increase. In late 2018, one drone incident at Gatwick airport caused major

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23 Jan 2019

Newark Airport Traffic Is Briefly Halted After Drone Is Spotted

One month after drone sightings at London’s Gatwick Airport caused major disruptions affecting over 140,000 passengers of more than 1,000 flights, two pilots spotted a drone flying in the near proximity of Newark Liberty International Airport on Tuesday afternoon. As a result of the sightings, planes were temporarily not aloud to

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02 Jan 2019

Sharp rise in air crash deaths in 2018

“Last year saw a sharp rise in fatalities from air crashes compared with 2017 but 2018 was still the ninth safest year on record, figures show. Airliner accidents killed 556 people last year compared with 44 in 2017, the Aviation Safety Network (ASN) reports. Last year’s worst civilian accident was

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31 Dec 2018

2018 Results: Dedrone UK Airport Counter-Drone Study

Dedrone, an airspace security company, conducted a study at four UK airports tracking drone activity in 2018. With 285 drones detected over a 148-day period (just under 2 per day), the study concluding with three key learnings and next steps: “1. the problem of unauthorized drones at airports is real,

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28 Dec 2018

New drone-hunting tech to roll out at major Australian airports

“New technology will be used to thwart drone attacks at Australia’s major airports as the aviation industry beefs up its fight against the increasing possibility that remote-controlled aircraft could bring down passenger planes. Peter Gibson of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) said drones that breach 5½-kilometre exclusion zones around airports

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21 Dec 2018

London’s Gatwick airport reopens after drone saboteur sows chaos

“London’s Gatwick Airport reopened on Friday after a saboteur wrought 36 hours of travel chaos for over a hundred thousand Christmas travelers by using drones to play cat-and-mouse with police snipers and the army. After the biggest disruption at Gatwick, Britain’s second busiest airport, since a volcanic ash cloud in

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02 Nov 2018

AI lie detector tests to get trial run at EU airports

“Passengers at some European airports will soon be questioned by artificial intelligence-powered lie detectors at border checkpoints, as a European Union trial of the technology is set to begin. Fliers will be asked a series of travel-related questions by a virtual border guard avatar, and artificial intelligence will monitor their

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19 Oct 2018

TSA Expands Facial Recognition to Automate Bag Drop, ID Verification, and Flight Boarding

“The TSA released its proposal to expand facial recognition on Monday. Its ‘Biometrics Roadmap for Aviation Security and the Passenger Experience’ is an effort to increase security, travel efficiency, and convenience. According to the TSA, the plan is rooted in working with the CBP agency using biometrics on international travelers;

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17 Oct 2018

Is airport public Wi-Fi cyber-secure?

“A 2018 report published by security experts Coronet ranked the 45 busiest airports in the US in which passengers were most likely to be subject to a cyberattack, with San Diego International Airport coming in at the top of the list. And these risks weren’t minor. At San Diego alone,

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