25 May 2021

Air India Confirms Data of 4.5M Travelers Compromised

Air India has confirmed that a cyberattack led to the exposure of data belonging to roughly 4.5 million global passengers. According to the company, aviation IT provider SITA’s Passenger Service System was accessed by an unauthorized third party in early March. This system stores and processes all of the personal

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11 Jan 2021

Investigators locate black box from Indonesia air crash

The black box from the Indonesian passenger jet that crashed in the Java Sea on Saturday has been recovered. This find could offer evidence as to why the plane lost contact with air traffic control just minutes after taking off with 62 people on board. Military chief Hadi Tjahjanto hopes

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22 May 2020

Pakistan International Airlines passenger plane crashes in Karachi

Earlier this morning, a Pakistan International Airlines plane carrying 91 passengers and eight crew crashed in Karachi en route to Jinnah International Airport from Lahore. Flight PK8303, an Airbus A320 crashed in a residential area near Model Colony, which is a neighborhood of Karachi just two miles north-east of its

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19 May 2020

EasyJet hack leaves 9 million customers’ details exposed

On Tuesday, European airline EasyJet announced that it was targeted by a sophisticated cyberattack that left its systems offline. The airline stated that since the attack, the unauthorized access to its systems has been closed off. However, an investigation into the attack revealed that travel details and email addresses of

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17 Jul 2019

Photo Shared via iPhone Leads to JetBlue Evacuation

A recent incident affecting passengers on a JetBlue flight demonstrates how security issues affecting Bluetooth could be abused by threat actors to target people with alarming or obscene messages. On Tuesday an unidentified passenger on a JetBlue flight heading to Tampa, Florida, used the iPhone’s AirDrop feature to send an

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